Please girls and guys help me i really need a little help here this is very important to me?

Girls what would you do if you slept with your ex boyfriend and you realized that you still in love with him and you can't live your life without him and he still single and didn't date anyone since you broke up and you don't want to tell him that you have feelings for him and he do the same thing !!! Because i just slept with my ex boyfriend and i really love him this crazy sex wake my feelings for him again and i really love him and I'm afraid of telling him about my feelings but I'm sure that he saw this love in my eyes because i can't hide this amazing feeling inside me, 1- so what should i do in this situation? 2- is it a sign for something? Please help 3- dose that means he still thinking about me?
Hello!!! I really need a help girls


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  • depending on how you two met up again (party) and if alcohol
    was in the mix or not.. sounds like you both got what you wanted from eachother. buttt.. why did you too break up? that has the real clues

    • Yes in party, we broke up because we were fighting all the time to we sit together and we saw that is the best solution for us but i think we still have feelings for each other.

    • so you both know or seem to know a relationship won't work. but you know the feelings may just be sexual. the only way to move on is to no contact at all or you will drag it on.. guys can keep physical separate so its not gunna other him either way maybe. but if you wanna fight and you no its not healthy, well then its your life. (not to be mean, just keeping it real)

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