What should I do with my ex when I know he has a girlfriend while talking and flirting with me?

We'd been together for a year, but he broke up with me November of the last year. the reason he feels like he don't love me anymore. I deleted him from Facebook; after 3 months he added me and I accepted. He said he felt lonely but that he deserves that feeling, all he just wanted to be even friends. I agreed and we talked for 2 months. he flirts and remembers us sometimes. I kept it cool, however, he knows I like him :/ . 2days ago, I stalked him on a social networking site that he knows I don't open, not anymore..He is in a relationship! and he just never told me about it!! and I knew that the girl he dating not from the same country. Yesterday, I got an old account, faked a name to talk to her. she is 14 years-old! my ex and I are 17. she told me the relation started few days ago, but she knows him for a coule of weeks.Now, what should I do? okay I'll ignore him, but I don't just want to move on; I want him to be on fire that he lost and feel jealous as hell. no revenge..just as any human, I want him to want me..want what he can't get.


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  • He's your ex leave him in the past and move on. He isn't going to suddenly wake up and realize what he lost, this isn't a romantic comedy. In real life he will jump right into his next girl and you have to not stalk him, don't text or call him - in fact block his number. Don't tell him why, don't give him the satisfaction of knowing you cared enough to look into him in anyway. As hard as it is, let him go and move on.


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  • dont be a homewrecker

    • I'm not a homewrecker. 100% he is playing her..He even didn't add her on Facebook so I won't know, when I talked to her, she is so a baby..I just want him to be jealous. any advice?

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    • okay fine how I tell him that I knew he had a girlfriend?

    • you dont. stop talking to him

  • get over your ego and move on..it is unhealthy


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