What does my ex want this time around? Girls, does she want me back or using me to boost her ego?

Ex and I broke up a while ago but had a couple spells of seeing each other and then no contact again. The last couple times we started talking again she always kind of made it seem like she wanted to be friends, but then she would get real flirty and stuff before things would fall apart. I've told her before I want to date her again, and her thing was she always told me "I know you'd be a good boyfriend, I want to make sure we can be friends first" but then she would always talk about bf/gf right away after that.

Anyway this time we got back in contact when I apologized about the last fight we got in and she responded "I appreciate the kind words. You're a really good guy, always the first to apologize and make things right. I'm sorry for everything. There are no hard feelings :)" I realized after she re-added me on fb that she just got cheated on by another guy and I cheered her up and she told me "<3 I appreciate that a lot. I really needed to hear that."

A couple days ago she added me on instagram, I don't have any pictures posted. She texted me "post stuff on instagram so a can creep on it :)". After a couple more texts she was telling me things like "you're my favorite" "Let's start over again, I want to see you" and "I had stopped myself from texting you like a billion times, I think about you all the time"

She ignored a couple of my texts two days ago and then randomly texted me randomly just now completely ignoring the two texts I sent her saying "How tall are you?" I responded and asked why and she said "Curiosity lol"

Today is her birthday so I texted her happy birthday and she responded "<3 <3 Thank you!" and I also wrote happy birthday on her fb. Of all the happy birthday posts on her fb, mine is the only one she has liked so far, and she also commented on it.

Is she playing games with me, am I like a rebound for her and she is coming back to me because another guy just cheated on her, or is she realizing she missed me/wants me back?
I copied the part about the how tall are you text from another question, sorry if that paragraph doesn't make much sense. She sent me that a couple days ago.


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  • Did you break up with her, or did she break up with you?

    • Well let me see if I can put this together right. Initially she broke up with me because she was scared how fast we had been moving, but a few days later said she made a mistake and asked me to forgive her. We dated only a little longer until one night we kind of had a mutual "fight" where she kind of abandoned me somewhere and wanted nothing to do with me, but the next morning wanted me to come to her place and I said no. Then we hung out one more stretch that ended in kind of a mutual blocking of our phone #/fb profiles. And that was a month and a half ago or so. Previously when we got to talking again after a while of not talking she usually stressed we were just friends but when we'd hang out she'd start getting flirty and stuff. This time I haven't gotten that just friends thing from her, although I haven't pushed too hard yet as to what she wants

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    • She fucked me over so bad last night. I should have stayed away. :(

    • Sorry to hear that, at least now you can move on.

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