Starting over with an ex and right now I don't know?

Ok so my ex hit me up trying to fix things between us.

We broke up cuz while we were on break she ended up sleeping with her best friend. I forgave her for it, but then she started hanging out with him at his house, calling him pretty much every night and talking to him for 2 hours, and then tells me he is just a friend. It got to the point where she mentioned missing him all over Facebook and after a while it did me in. (by the way he was in military camp). But after that incident things got good...a lot good. Well until he camp back telling me he was going to get her cuz he loved her. I thought things with me and her were good, so I wasn't worried. I believed in her to choose me. She contacted me later telling me she wanted to start over as friends...I simply died and just told her to leave me alone.

5 months I grew into loving myself and changing my thinking. I moved on and actually started dating. Then she hits me up saying she wants to start over. I missed her, but I don't think we could build a relationship with the amount of trust I have for her. So she suggested we become friends till my trust in her returns.

We've fixed the major parts of the problems, but I called her and it seemed she was partying with her friends. I understand, but I would have liked to know she was going to a party, but I understood she's not my gf hell we ain't doing shit so why am I stressing? I told her to call me back when she get's 5:30 in the morning 😑 any advice? What should I do?


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  • i dont think you should get back with this girl. why should you get back with someone who lied and cheated on you before and then got totally intimate with this other guy while on the break. if she really wanted to get with you she had the chance to and she blew it. but i kind of get where your coming from because you guys were in love and such and you kind of feel like you miss her , and that is totally fine! you guys shared a lot together and its completely ok to feel the way you do about her going to the party. but i dont think you should put your trust in someone who already ruined it once , even though you really want to trust her again. i think make her work for it because its not you that needs to be trusted its her, and if she wants to start something back up with you, like every one else that have to earn it. if there's not trust then there's no love. simple.

    • Yea, I'm totally not gone start anything up with her till I feel I can trust her. I don't want to rush into a relationship where I don't trust no one at all. I know what she did and hell I did not forget what she did. I do miss her and all those memories, but if I can't see a future than there is no point.

      But I do love this girl. We may have had that falling out period, but I didn't ask for perfect. If she is willing to work for it and fight for it I'll give her a chance to prove it.

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    • Yea thanks!

    • No worries

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  • Hell no. Can you forget? Can you see her like you used to see her?
    You will probably take a revenge. Things will get ugly etc etc. Come on.
    Open a white blank and new page.

    • Lol I move on from the situation. Doesn't mean I forgot, just moved on. Of course I can see her like I used to. I just feel people sometimes deserve a second chance. I'm not saying she changed or anything just saying people aren't perfect.

  • If trust is broken. Ypu gotta move on with some dignity still left. Take the L and move on! She doesn’t respect you!

  • You never forgive a cheater, never ever. if you do you will pay sometime in the future.

    • We were on break when it happened. Yea, feels like she cheated, but I already had people tell me that..

    • Break? i see well i guess you can do what you want then.

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