Why did my ex do this? Is he still interested?

Ok so I wanted to break up with my ex for about a week now but I didn't know how to do it. He texted me about a week ago saying if I wanted to hang out with him and some friends that day, I said sure. I didn't want to say no tho, I really I don't know why, I ended up blowing him off for a another guy I was kinda interested in and some friends. We went to town and had a great day.

When I went home I went back on fb. He texted me saying hey, we talked for a while and then asked what I did today so I said nm. Then he asked 'out?' I panicked then and didn't reply. Then he texted me saying 'why were you flirted with that boy' I said I wasn't but it ended up in a fight and he dumped me before I could dump him. He called me a 'fat fuck and couldn't care less about a girl'

When we went back to school he still acts the same as he did before like: Staring at me all the time, Being at the same places as me, everthing before and it seems he's still interested.

I will never go out with this boy again as I have learnt my lesson but is he still interested in me? If so how can I hint to him i'm no longer in to him?

sorry for the rant


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  • Ignore him as much as you possible can.
    Block him on Facebook. And your phone if you can.
    If he does talk to you tell him straight out. 'I was going to dump you. did it first. You give the impression you don't want a relationship with me. I KNOW I don't want one with you. Move on and forget about me."
    Then turn and walk away.


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  • Firstly if you're not interested in him then why do you care about whether he's interested in you or not? That makes no sense. Hinting and playing games to show him that you're not longer interested is completely pointless. There's nothing to gain. He knows it's over and you know it's over so there's nothing left to be done. Just keep your distance and move on with your life.


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  • Chill.. by your language anyone can make out you are in high school.. Within a year or two, you'll be miles apart and forget yourselves. Don't think so much


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