Why would he talk to me again out of the blue?

He broke up with me because my parents were judging him and wouldn't give him a chance. He talked to me online the other day...(he invited me to chat on imvu). We talked about some things. He wanted to know how I was. He seemed happy...then at the end of the conversation he says "goodnight I'm going to bed. Talk to you later. Miss you." I thought...I had been telling him all this time that I miss him. Now he is saying he misses me? What did he even mean "he misses me"? Does it even mean anything at all? It has been four months since we broke up. I'm still as much in love with him as I was the day I met him. Why would he talk to me out of the blue and seem happy to be talking to me? I mean I was happy he was but then again I was really sad. He has my heart and he broke it when he left me. I'm confused and words cannot express how sad I have been and still am. Why would he say he misses me now?


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  • It may mean he actually missed you. If he Actually got along with you minus your parents and just got offended by them it may have been he had to distance himself to jeal a wound or something of the sort. I've had to get away from things that bithered me fir a while because they hurt too much at the time. Now I dont mean start dating him again I just mean feel it out. See what he's truly feeling. And dont lettem use tou as a booty call

    • I'm a virgin.

    • and religious

    • I am too so ignore that bit about sleeping with him. It's just most of the people up here are super promiscuous sorry for assuming

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