Why would this guy constantly bring into question this girl that hurt me?

This guy liked the girl, but she liked me. Fast forward, me and the girl don't talk anymore. Guy is still friends with the girl. (fine with me)

Don't know why he keeps mentioning her in our convos. Saying that i shouldn't think of her anymore, that she played me, that i should move on, BUT CRAZY THING IS i've never said anything about her, since me and the girl became strangers.
It's like he is waiting for me to say bad stuff about her. Keeping in mind they still are friends, it makes me wonder why?
Am i wrong to say he knows the girl still loves me, but wants to make sure we won't get together?


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  • He's probaly still into her but is trying to get a feel of your viewpoint on her to see if your over her or still have feelings for her and depending on the way you respond he may go in for the kill

    • Yeah i noticed he's trying to understand how i feel for her, but why not ask me straight forward.
      I don't think his "objective" is to go in for the kill, but to prevent me from getting with her, because he is actually talking crap about her.

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  • He wants information from her and he figured you would know

  • You are on to something here..
    If you didn't hear it from her lips, don't trust it.

    • He may even be lying about being friends with her? Have you ever seen them hang out?
      I once had this crazy stalker dude who went around spreading lies about me and I'd never even said more than a hello to this dude.. what a nightmare.

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    • That's the thing. he wanted her for himself a while back, but she was into me. Now that me and the girl fell apart and don't talk anymore, HE probably wants to keep it this way. That was my view on it.
      The fact that he talks crap about her and still hangs and talks with her is kind of disgraceful.
      Should i ask him what is he up to? But if i do that he'll just act all innocent.

    • Yes, i would ask him.

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