Why hasn't he told anyone yet if he ended it?

So my ex boy friend and I broke up for 3 weeks now and we were together for 3 years... he still hasn't told anyone really that we broke up he doesn't even talk about it... But he still stares at me ( but I know starring) can mean lots of things and he recently texted me but the day he texted me we seen each other 3 times that day and he chose to text me because we hardly see each other only once or twice and the second time we saw each other we made eye contact


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  • Well there's always a chance that he has told people. I mean, you don't know what he does in his private life, the conversations he has, know all his friends etc. I wouldn't use this as anything to go by. As for him making eye contact... it really in the bigger frame of things don't mean much unfortunately. Plenty of people make eye contact daily with other individuals. There's no meaning to it always.


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