How do I forget him. It kills me inside?

We have just broke up. It was a bad one. We said hurting stuff to each other. I don' t think he will come back...

Now I am in a big plight. No one feels my pain.

1.When I wake up the idea that there is NO MORE us I feel Destiny had punished me. I feel doomed. Like a nightmare exactly.

2. I go to work. I think of him constantly, especially when I am not talking to others

3. On my way back home. I feel doomed again.

When I see couples outside I feel bad. Why it's not me and him? I feel I was given happiness with him, only to be ripped of it months later.
This is like a vicious cycle.
I cannot take it anymore.

now these few days after breakup feel like ages.

Why did he love me and then ignore me!


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What Guys Said 1

  • well you are fucked just like me you have to deal with it


What Girls Said 1

  • Watch comedies, read articles about his down points, read self-help books, don't listen to music that reminds you of him, do some gardening, learn to cook, exercise, spend time with same-sex friends and supportive family if you can, pray and worship, keep a journal, burn his pictures, hide the mementos, take the shirts to Goodwill, etc etc etc. Anything that can get him out of your head.


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