ever found yourself worked up about an ex for no apparent reason?

hadn't seen or heard from her in a while and no real reason to be thinking about her. but seemed to be worked up and annoyed about her last night.its just one of those things that seems to annoy me and rather frustrating to be so worked up about someone , I'm not yet dating anyone else so seem to be having a hard time moving on


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  • I think you just need to control your mind. And I think you need to resolve the situation within yourself. And just because a person starts dating someone new, I dont think that suddenly the thought of an ex is dismissed. I believe that that only happens when or if the individual has completely decided to leave that ex in the past...whether they are dating someone or not. Like mentally letting go.

    My advice for you is to try and be as optimistic as possible about finding someone new. Good luck.

    • I agree the solution must be found within me and doesn't really involve her anymore. I don't think i'll be able to ever feel good about what happened but need to find a way to move on and date someone else. I don't feel its necessary to forget about her its necessary to find a path forward so I can move on

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    • it was a complex situation , to try and explain I meet a younger local girl who lived near me last year until she went away for college. I had a crush on her for a bit and really wanted to date her but didn't know her that well then we actually meet and got closer/became friends during the summer but things didn't really ever work out but I'd still try and talk to her and party with her. she got annoyed with me and ended the idea of a relationship and didn't even want to be friends either.

    • want to add she got annoyed with me over stuff that happened in bars/clubs. the drinking age is 19 here , she was a nice girl but honestly as soon is she became old enough to go to bars here she changed and really got into drinking and hit on a lot of random guys at bars here ( it was surprising cause she didn't come across as type of girl who would be a big time drinker and party girl when I first meet her ) her behaviour ar bars made it very difficult to try and date her as she didn't seem to be looking for a serious relationship anymore. I also talked to some other girls at bars around here and that annoyed her.

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  • I think men process break-ups differently than women. We will feel all the bad stuff immediately, where guys seem to delay that and it hits them much later. So then maybe it's not uncommon for you to have her still on your mind much later when she probably felt like you did say 4 months earlier lol

    • I agree men and women handle things much differently , I don't really know how she felt about things but it likely did hit her much sooner and then hit me much later. I have been struggling with these feelings for a little while.

    • It never comes and goes away real quick, it's sort of like off and on again but bit by bit it wears off. It sucks, I know.

  • Just because someone is a ex girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't mean you are not going to think about them from time to time. I think its pretty normal. it just means you are someone who has a heart and someone with feelings. maybe you never fully got over this ex girlfriend and for some reason it is now getting the best of you emotionally. try and move on with your life best you can. talk to friends and family about her, but make it sure its with people who won't trash her, but with someone who will just listen. Good luck!

  • Ever think you'll reconsider things with her

    • I don't know I can't even get her to talk to me and her family lives just down the road from me and I know she has been back home on some weekends yet I never hear anything from her. I think she is the type of girl who has a lot of options in terms of guys ( she is pretty and good looking for her age ) and honestly to her to lose 1 guy friend isn't a big loss when you have lots of options and can just go to bar and meet more guys.

    • That's exactly how I feel about this guy!! But genuinely want him back! He's all I think about

  • Sometimes when I'm getting to know someone and we're talking about exes, I'll start to feel angry or hurt again, not so much that I'll feel compelled to cry or yell or contact the ex, haha... but I will feel the sting a little again... I have a great memory, and sometimes the memories aren't a pleasure to remember.


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