Is he trying to keep the contact alive?

I just dumped my boyfriend of 3years as he wasn't ready for commitment, neither was he ready to introduce me to his newly acquired group of friends ( guys and gals) with whom he chats 24*7 and hang out till late hours at night inspire of I being uncomfortable with the fact. He couldnt commit or meet my parents though he had always told me he would marry me in future. I lost faith and security and I told him and parted ways. It all happened yesterday. Today again he msged me saying how was I doin although he is constantly online on watsapp..what should I do? Is he trying to keep d contact alive so that he can get back as and when needed? Well, it has been his habit because in the last few years he broke up innumerable times and got back again. Please help with your valuable opinions


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  • I think it's best that you two spend time apart. No contact. You two have been up and down way too many times it seems (" in the last few years he broke up innumerable times ") and the only way of sorting this out once and for all is to leave all contact behind and see where you two are in a few months. That way both of you have space to decide if it's really meant to be. As for his actions. Well he's obviously stuck in routine. You've been a part of his life for a long time and he's used to you coming back as you forgave him all the times he broke up with you. If you want this guy to respect you as a person you need to show him you won't tolerate his behavior and will stick to your guns. Don't reply to his whatsapp messages and leave things for a while.

    • Ok.. So wad if he pings me again tomorrow... Should I ignore or remind him that we are not supposed to talk after breakup ng up

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    • If he still tries to initiate contact (which depending on how big his ego is or isn't, he might or might not), just ignore him. He'll know then. Worst case scenario, block him off every social networking website as well as his number. At least for a couple months.

    • Right... I have also been thinking the same way... Thanks a lot for ur opinion :)

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  • He may want to keep in contact because you've been together for 3 years. You are if nothing else a "habit" in his day to day life, and I'm sure he still has feelings for you. However, y'all are clearly not wanting the same things in life. His not wanting you to meet his friends seems strange. If he saw you as an important part of his life he would.

    • Exactly.. If they are just frnds and not FWBs, he shouldnot hv had a problem... This is why I lost trust.

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