Im with my boyfriend two years, he disrespected me and I tried getting him back in a bad way help me?

Me and him argued he was in a bad mood and he gets really nasty, if I cry he just shouts and screams at me calls me namea and tells me to sit in a different room
He dragged it out for 3 hours and I was so angry that I got him back by texting this random boy I never met. He caught me and shot me out his house. He is really angry and the last text he said leave me alone for a few days you dont deserve me talking to you after I begged for forgivnessall day :( one hour after he said leave him alone he sent a text tryitrying to argue sayijg you can't care about me if you are making me argue with boys to stop textng you and I never text back as he said leave him alone :( im so scared hell neber forgive me, I only text him out of anger not to cheat I have never cheated. I know what I did was wrong. I havnt talked to him for 4 hours. We have been together two years. Also he humiliated me infront of his family he called them up put them on loud speaker and said to everyone I have been two timing him and his family shouted at me over the phone telling me to get out his house :( whay do I do?


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  • well your bf is immature and insensitive I mean yelling at you because you are crying is the a really REALLY bad sign of not really having the type of concern a guy person should have for someone they care about.

    You did behave immaturely by contacting that guy. that's a lesson learned.

    I think more than anything you need to decide whether your bf's anger and ways of processing frustration are something you want in a guy...he needs to learn ways to maturely deal with his frustrations and most importantly learn how to treat you.


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  • this guy is a real jack ass, he treats you in a very bad way and if i were you i would break up with him. If he doesn't respect you then find someone who will. If he really loved you he would of forgave you, as you didn't cheat or anything you did what you did out of anger.

    • Thank you but what I did was wrong I hate myself :( I know he's not the best bf but I love him. Do you think he will talk to me again

    • yes i think he will, give it time i know it's hard but its only been 4 hours and you've been together for 2 years. I think he will.

    • Thanks. I am scared to reply to his last text as I am scared of beung rejected. He is my everything if Ioose him I will blame myself forever :( xx

  • Know it seems difficult when you're younger, but give it a break for a few days. Sometimes that breather can give you a much better perspective.

  • Something is missing. What was the original fight about?

    • I dont get to see him a lot because he works and he wanted to gwt his friends round when I wanted tospend time with him, I went in a mood and walked out nearly going home then ichanged my mind went back to his house and he was angry sayimg if you are going to walk out dont come back and basically torturedme Bout it for 3 hoursxxx

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    • I try my best all the time, the only other time I texted another boy was a few months ago but he broke up with me and we werent together, I was honest and I told him, I have never cheated on him. Sometimes I get upset because he is not as affectionate as he used to be but thats the only bad things I can't think of anything else xx

    • Fine, so you want to stay with this man. Just wait it out, and he wants to tell at you, take it. Why you would choose this isn't my concern but this is your path. Shoulder the blame and let him win.

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  • Wow.. wish a chump and his punk azz family woullldd.. Leave! Get out of his house like he said.. Don't just stop contacting him for a few days, stop contacting him altogether. Respect yourself and find a partner who will also respect you.


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