Guys if you cheat on your longterm gf with a significantly hotter girl is it hard to keep sleeping with your gf?

Guys if you have a girlfriend who is overweight and has an okay looking body then start cheating and having extremely good sex with a girl who has the perfect body and a pretty face it harder for you to have sex with your girlfriend?


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  • NO , most the time when guys cheat it isn't because the other girl was so much prettier as many woman seem to think, guys cheat because either they are not getting enough of what they need at home or could be just a girls bad attitude that always fussing and nagging him that it just drives him away and he just turns to the other girls more for comfort (happens to be sex) I am not saying this was your case but rather in general

    So the answer is no an you should not feel that he can't have sex with you any longer if you want to work it out , but y'all should try to address the issue/s that caused him to go out looking in the first place


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  • this is not exactly the answer to your question, but if he cheated you should dump the bastard, get fit, so sport and eat healthier, look your best so the asshole regrets what he missed out on..and never never take him back! there is never an excuse for cheating!!


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