Why Men are Single

Why Men are SingleI wrote this as a request in the comments of why women are single.(which was SPOT ON for the most part. If you haven't read it yet, please do). We all know many many men and women are single. Here is a straight from the heart man to men take on it. Id appreciate if some women volunteered do a MyTake for each gender as well :D Keep in mind this was done on my phone. May do a copy of this but with more info and pics.

Laziness/being busy in similar ways

Humans can all be lazy. There are those guys who don't want to go do sports or to clubs. They like video games and Netflix too. And would rather not go out knowing they are lonely. Some think Tinder is BS. Dating in general is BS. Or maybe they just have too much work and school to focus on. there's also the financial restraints many people have to keep.


Men and women have alternative ways of getting sexual satisfation if they crave it so much and being social then going out and meeting people. Many forms of entertainment often now have soccclashing mcts to them. That same entertainment can be sexually satisfying as well.

Trying (and getting) too Hard

There's an article entitled "Im a Guy and I Hate Catcalling" which I highly reccomend. Guys are often sooo desperate to date. Often these same guys have few things in mind. That is sex. And a slave by their side all their time as well as a prize to show off just because its "human nature" for a man to have a woman at some point. I don't agree with this way of thinking at all, but like the vice versa article explained, many girls are raised from birth with a princess fantasy. Guys are as well raised with a fantasy too that they deserve a woman in their life. They automatically earn it. This thinking is BS. Many women actually want to be single. Nothing can be done much to help it, but Ill mention that later as there is stratagies.

Bottom line. There are many women out there that are single. Same with men and maybe more so. But because differences and opinions of each other clashing so hard, it's beyond difficult to find somebody to truly love. There are two points that can be made from this

1. Confidence

If guy wants to try a relationship so badly, dont do shit like catcalling or fall head over heels just because a part of them makes you hard. (This goes in line with the "Trying (and getting) too Hard" part) That doesn't project confidence. It projects stupidity. Stupidity often attracts stupidity if that's what is wanted.

2. Be ok with being single

It seems my popular advice is "Let them see your good and approach/be open to you. If they don't, it's their loss not yours. This may be a contradiction to the confidence part, but having too much confidence can lead to arrogance. So it's good to have just enough, not too much.

3. More strategies I promised to mention.

It's imporant not to hate women for wanting to be single (hence the cause of many men being single) but to find out WHY. Women are likely at some point ok with dating and likely want to. The problem is men encouraging other men to act like shitfucks to win over women. To be arrogant, see them as lesser humans, treat them like dumb sex toys, and have demanda that belong in the 1940's. Humans are smarter now. They have way more resources.

We now know women can do anything a man can if the mind is put to it and in many ways, vice versa. So why stop it? Like the vice versa article said though, it doesn't help women give into it so easily, but in the end, men did many things and left little room for women to do too much. Now that women want more independence, guys HATE that and are super paranoid of it, instead of encouraging it which should be so if we are to advance society. This then causes women to get fed up with the old ways and see men as a threat whether or not they are. It was men that made stupid rules from the beginning and are now trying to limit capabilities. And it is women that give into this due to greed.

So it is up to men to help other men and women to help other women to fix things so people can start enjoying things like dating again. Id like to also mention as the last thing, the problem of looks. That is very central to these issues. Looks seem to be EVERYTHING when it isn't. One little freckle or a slightly noticible pimple and suddenly less people want to interact with you. It's sickening really that humanity has gotten this bad. When has a stereotypically pretty face automatically meant super smart? Or nice? Or courteous? Some of the worst people are stereotypically "good looking," but is it worth the trouble of a dipshit just to have somebody physically appealing in your life? It's about time people stop being shallow, men AND women and become able to show their true selves first off and be judged for that instead. As the vice versa article said brilliantly, "looks are deceiving." They dont matter in the end. They can change. Brains and personalities often don't. Pick wisely.

Let me know what y'all think! Except trolls and idiots as they will be blocked and reported immediately.


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  • Probably the number one thing that turns me off dating the majority of guys I meet is the whole 'prize' thing you mentioned. I want to date someone who makes me happy and feel loved - some guys make you feel like they're trying to gain a trophy by dating you. That's not hot.

    And the sense of entitlement is probably even worse - like they 'deserve' to be in a relationship and girls are stupid for not wanting to be with them. They're starting every conversation with such negativity that it's offputting. That being said, some girls can be this way too.

    • I admit I had a sence of that when I had my first girlfriend. It's difficult for a guy not to. It's unfortunately a way to finally earn respect when none was given. If society respects people who are single more, it wouldn't be as much an issue. Not saying it's a good excuse, but that's the reasoning usually.

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    • @10dsw Clearly some guys here are offended by the very idea that they're 'entitled'. But if it doesn't apply to you, why get mad?

      We're not living in the dark ages anymore where guys were expected to practically buy their partner and their partner be bought - both men and women need to put some effort into the relationship to make it work :3 And not more on one end than the other

    • @snowshy I agree with you for most of the things you've said. Though I wouldn't say it's necessarily it's a bad thing that a guy feels like he deserves to be in a relationship. It's definitely better than thinking he's not worthy of a relationship. Though just because someone deserves something doesn't mean that they'll necessarily get it especially if it's a relationship with one specific girl (especially since that girl doesn't owe him anything).

      I also wanted to add that I think it's stupid to get angry or offended by a rejection. Why dste someone who doesn't really want to date you. It'd make for a really shitty relationship for both parties involved. Just move on and find someone who wants to dste you. People reject other for all kinds of reasons, some good and some stupid. if one person desn't see how awesome you are there will be somebody who does.

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  • (1) is huge. It amazes me that a lot of guys are whining about being single and yet what are they doing? "Baby your ass is so fine" to random girls on public transit. Also I noticed a lot of guys like to put up a facade of confidence that breaks down as soon as they meet a girl (which is incredibly sad)

    • "Baby your ass is so fine" LOL 😂

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    • Omg great to see people thinking rationally!

    • I can relate to the last statement.

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  • The main reason men are single is the same main reason women are single. Their expectations are higher than their own attractiveness. Another possibility for men is total lack of confidence to express interest in a girl.
    I have a cousin who has literally all the attributes that men claim make them "forever alone." He is very short, low income (preschool teacher), poor social skills (mild autism). And he's getting married. She is not conventionally attractive, but they are happy and that's what counts. So I don't want to hear "All women only want tall confident rich jerks and I'm forever alone because I'm just a nice guy." No, you're alone because you only consider women significantly more physically attractive than you.

    • Their is nothing wrong with wanting hot very attractive girl friend and settling anything less is no way to live. Of course if your not good enough you will be rejected but keeps just keeping working at it and sooner or later you will pick up your hot ideal woman. Guys who settle are never truly happy and usually either flirt around, be bitter or cheat with a younger woman when they get a chance. I don't pick up the woman i really want but i will not settle for anything less than someone who i consider good enough for me (AKA pretty face and healthy and great figure with good personality to match) and taking anything less will never satisfy me i rather i never date anyone that settle for average or unattractive woman.

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    • @Alexistheman333 Yes women do care about looks. Not AS much as men (usually), but humans are biologically wired to care about looks when it comes to selecting a mate.
      To answer your question...
      Women are less about parts of a guy's body, and more about the overall look of his body and face. I think most women do like a six pack and fairly muscular body in general, I know I do. I mean nothing over-the-top, most women aren't into extreme body builders. But fit is almost always preferred to overweight or skinny. So I'd say getting in better shape is one thing that guys can do to improve their attractiveness to at least 90% of women.

    • 90% huh? Well... would you prefer a flat-stomached guy to one with very toned abs? Mine is totally flat, i dont work out at all but a lot of boys just dont eat enough so abs come through. Really unhealthy lol

  • What I personally found out was that a lot of guys are single because they are afraid to take the first step since they had encounters with sjw girls who seemed normal but the simple approach to as how their day was, turnout in the ladies screaming in their face for harassing them and being disrespectful

    Third wave feminism is ruining the relationships since an awful lot of the newer generations are falling prey to the feminist brainwashing

    • this should have been MHO. Feminism is sabotaging male confidence, hence female happiness as well.

      I grew up in 90s and feminism was more of a "cool" and "newer" thing. Nobody was speaking out against then... but the 3rd wave was starting then. It was definitely impacting public school curriculum and no one was teaching young boys to men. They were being taught on how to please women at a very young age. Also in some families wives would disrespect their husbands right in front of their children... and this was considered "normal" behavior (that's what I grew up watching). Ironically all this crap is very, VERY wrong for healthy male/female relationships. I've had a lot of unlearning to do growing up.

      Not to let guys off the hook. Some of us are lazy, too shy, etc. But the biggest tragedy is when would be good men are brainwashed into becoming passive, pleasing, shy "nice guys" that most women don't want.

  • Reasons that I've noticed personally:

    1) Too scared to take things to the next step after initial conversation/getting her number has been established

    2) Pushing for sex way too soon or making her feel like that's the only thing you're after

    3) Not willing to put effort into a relationship because i. e. working too much. Relationships take time and effort to work just as much as anything else. If you can't make sacrifices, she will find someone else.

  • Some guys simply do not like committment and all the dram taht comes with dating and being in a serious relationship so they want to avoid all taht and also they want to enjoy their freedom without giving accoutns to noone.

    • exactly some are just lone wolfs that enjoy their freedom.

    • @levantine99 for me that is a current problem if the guy I like thinks like that

    • I don't have a problem with commitment, in fact I prefer it. I have zero patience for bullshit and drama, at the first signs I consider it a red flag. Queens don't treat Kings like peasants. Rather be single and lonely than miserable in a relationship.

  • Now a days, I think a lot men just want to be single. O well...

    • No we def do not

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    • Modern day women are utter garbage, I'd rather spend my valuable money and time banging high class hotel hookers.

    • ... now and again I might also do an outcall to my house and bang a call girl there lol

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  • this is all a bunch of bogus crap.

    The reason why is because women like to be mistreated. They love the type of guys that are prone to cheating and other bad qualities because they are more exciting.
    They whine about being called names in the end but then they jump straight after another.

    On the other hand single men are always trying to better themselves and see what they can do to EARN women. So when guys try to do that they work on stuff like loyalty, emotionally supportive, sensitive, caring, honest, empathy and they don't realize that women like loud, obnoxious, show off, aggressive dudes.

    Then these single guys feel they have to EARN the womens time by serving them. Approaching them, being responsible for the one who is interesting, buying their time with a drink, etc, etc.
    All of this just makes women have no respect for them.

    The conclusion is modern women are AWFUL.
    I got cheated on and the women picked drug dealers.
    -I got dumped and the girl told all of her friends the reason why is because "he treated me like gold".
    etc etc

    The men who are successful with women are the ones who cheat, call nasty names, ignore, and even hit them.
    Sorry but it's true.

    • Exactly. But there IS a middle-ground. Treat her well, but put her in her place if you need to. Dont be a total suckup

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    • I had the same negative view too once dude. I thought for a long time similarly cause I though t I was cheated on. Turns out now three years later, I find out it wasn't cheating. That was a lie. It was family issues. You never know whats really going on with people. But women go through similar things beleive it or not. Can't blame just men or women and if you read my take entirely, that was a main point.

    • There is noting wrong with my view whatsoever. I said how the dating world works. It DOES work that way.

  • Milo wrote about this in his article "The Sexodus" you can find part 1 here


    I think it's a problem that's caused by several important factors.

    1) Technology is making human interactions less face to face and more digital, so younger people have less social skills with each other and more social anxiety, which is a giant hurdle for relationships.

    2) Free porn becoming ubiquitous has meant men no longer need women to satisfy their testosterone driven desires. Evolution gave men testosterone to give them a high sex drive and make us more aggressive and risk taking, which means we're primed by nature for approaching women. Now you can satisfy your lust without leaving your bedroom.

    3) Feminism has destroyed traditional gender roles. Even as recently as the last 100 years we've had well defined gender roles which facilitated the proper behaviour between men and women and gave structure to the interaction. We don't have that now, we have arguments over who approaches who, who pays for the date or how to split the bill, no one really knows how to act. Do you hold the door open because it's chivalrous or will it be seen as an expression of patriarchy?

    4) Life has become very easy, modern western life is so easy and convenient now, it's unfathomably easy, so much so that teens today are among some of the most entitled people to walk the earth. Everything is expected to be free or handed to you by society, nothing is earned. This makes the prospect of earning another persons affection more effort than it's worth.

    5) Government have placed all the positive male roles in society. Women can and do just dump men if they're slightly unsatisfied, the stats show that in marriage women initiate divorce about 70-80% of the time, most of the reasons why have nothing to do with spousal violence, cheating or anythign like that, rather that they're unsatisfied with life. Women can ditch a man and the government will transfer his wealth to her, the family courts will award her custody of the children automatically. He'll be on the hood for child support and if he can't or refuses the government will pay it. Women have voted men out of their roles.

    I think overall many men are just thoroughly done with women, the deal has gone sour. It's like economics, people respond to incentives... they've gone away for many men and so they're happy to be on the sidelines. That's why we see things like MGTOW (Men going their own way) growing rapidly.

    • I do agree with part of it. But its from milo and breitbart and only idiots beleive that shit fully. Also you can't even put me down like you likely will bc you are blocked. I block animal creatures like you. Bye bitch.

  • This may be true for some guys but not true for many, and yet they are still single.
    I think the modern dating dynamic has a lot to do with the current state of things.
    Dating is vastly different, then say ten years ago. Most of the changes benifit women and are detrimental to average guys.
    It's no secret that the average guy is seen as valueless to women.
    Women now tend to all go for the top 20% of guys and end up just being numbers to these guys. Hence a much higher percentage of women are getting layed then men. That obvouslly means that many are unknowingly (or knowingly; dosen't seem to matter much now) sleeping with the same guys. Where as a high present of guys get nothing.
    You don't have to go far to stumble over article after article (mostly written by women) about how up into their 30's they fool themselves and go for 'badboys' only to eventually have to re-evaluate what things they place importance on.
    I think these things may just be contributing to the disfunction of modern dating.
    It is also not unreasonable for a man to expect that he will find a partner. That is the point of our existance. We are wired for that. Don't misinterpret that as egotistical desire for ownership because that is a very different thing.

    It used to be women generally just wanted a guy to be happy with.
    Now she isn't happy unless he has a lot of spacific traits she had spent countless hours planing, imagining and convincing herself she deserves just by virtue of being a woman.

    • Yes women have much higher standards now. Blame older guys for that. If they would have started a long time ago to see them other than as house slaves, not smart enough to vote, sexist BS in the bible (much of which is BS), and just down right treated like a lesser human not as capable as men, women wouldn't be as picky. Men need to fix themselves. They live with expectations as well. Women need to choose men that fix themselves and not worsen the problem by, like many men have said here, go for fuckboys and asshats. Period. If women would have been seen equal when first made, this likely wouldn't be a problem as their full minds they werent allowed to use would have added to the full minds men were allowed to use and wed be way more advanced as a species. Men limited them. And many women including the golddiggers of today, wanted to keep it since for them it's easier. If more men encourage women to be all they can be, then men may be more wanted. And those men and womenwilladvanceus

    • Not sure if I agree with everything you say but I certainly agree that both sexes have a lot of work to do.

  • Some had already long given up on dating. Or had realized that kind of "love" isn't really anything more than illusions or delusions from the chemical reactions in our brains and bodies. The way I see it, if you really want a family some day then you'll keep trying. But if you're mind is set on living on your own and don't want a family, then you probably wouldn't care to try anymore eventually anyway. It all depends upon what your goals and objectives are and what your mindset is.

  • It comes down to not approaching enough woman and anxiety of approaching them. Most woman don't even notice you unless you get their attention and if don't talk to them they will forget you soon after. Most woman especially the attractive one usually go out in groups so you usually have to approach the group rather one girl which takes balls and good conversation. Woman are always playing games and testing guy and we generally suck at passing them unless you got the experience or confidence to see through them. So your screened out as unattractive to them same way we guys screen out woman based on how good they look. That's not even considering how many might be dating, gay or otherwise so its lack of compatible. If we all approached more woman we would eventually get better results it takes a long time to get good game. Guys being needy and desperate exudes of them like a bad smell you can tell by a guys behavior around the opposite sex. You know the guy who is always reacting to every half-decent woman passing by you can spot them sometimes. The other problem is a lot of guys fail to escalate quick enough and woman lose interest or start playing games which result in the guy losing.

    Having standards is no the issue as all guys need them to be attractive. You should approve your standards as you get better with woman but you should never settle for anything less than 'good enough' whatever that may be for you. I know some people will disagree but you can always improve your attractiveness which i something most guys don't take advantage of woman's attractiveness has expiration date and pique relatively quickly once they do its all downhill until they become less desirable. Its understandable woman want to be picky because they know if they get stuck in 'bad relationship' they might have to settle for even less desirable partner next. We guys are like fine wine we only get better with age at least while we can take care and still have are wits. Think walder frey!

    • Actually, no matter what gender you are, anyone who gets older tends to be less desirable than they are. You can't necessarily stop baldness, and your skin tends to get more saggy, and I didn't even mention the beer belly that they get that most choose to keep. And who said that women get undesirable with age? You obviously haven't seen MILFS. Once women are in their 30s, they tend to go with younger guys. They're not necessarily picky as they tend to be more liberal with their sexuality in that age, so please.

    • @ReenaJohnson The reason woman are less desirable after 30 is they start to decline they put on weight, they start to show their age subtle. If she is well off she can delay it with treatment, surgery while most settle with diets and exercise. But its inevitable she will be 'over' before she knows it. That's when 'milfs' or the like settle they drop their original standards and open up to a larger pool of guys because they have no choice its that or being alone. If their lucky and haven't already they can still bag someone they are happy with. The younger guys they get tend to get are either inexperienced or can't date woman their own age of similar value. Those milfs tend to be better quality than the woman they can date their age. Your in your prime at 17 where you are at your most physically attractive so you don't think about your biological clock but you will once you hit your early to mid 20s and you start counting. Attractive woman can get away with it for longer but time wins.

    • I've seen guys with receding hairlines and big guts while their counterparts tend to look much more attractive, and it's true that no one can stop from aging, but my primary argument was against how you said that women age while guys don't. by the way, when you said young guys go with cougars since they can't find anyone attractive who's the same age as them, that is simply not true. Guys tend to like cougars since they r more experienced in bed, have their shit together and r more financially stable with a house, a car, etc., and doesn't want drama but just wants to have fun (not talking of kids, marriage, settling, etc.). You said how women tend to gain weight when getting older but guys do too. The reason woman tend to like older guys is that they tend to be more mature as girls tend to be 5 years more mature than their counterparts and the older guys tend to have big bank accounts. This is also a reason young guys tend to like cougars: have their own money (not gold diggers), more mature.

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