The Double Standards of Women in Dating: The Hypocrisy of Equality

The Double Standards of Women in Dating: The Hypocrisy of Equality

Recently, I have been on a dating website and (unlike most guys), I have been blessed to receive messages from several different women at the same time.

One woman in particular was overweight, had only an average attractive looking face, but had a great personality. I was bothered by her answering a question stating that she expected men to pay for meals during the dating process, but I messaged her anyway. Because, why not give her a shot right?

After we start talking we hit it off. She text'd me a half nude pic which I obviously liked. The next day, she texts me saying that we should meet up for a date. I respond with, "Are you asking me out on a date?" This was a joke but also meant to clearly show that she was the asker. She responded with a meme that said, "What's the point?" I agreed to go on a date with her.

The next day she sends me a message asking, "So what are we going to do?" I was surprised by this because SHE asked ME out. So she should be the one making plans. So I suggested that we just meet up for some drinks. People who ask to meet for coffee rather than the night life are asking to be friendzoned. Just letting you know guys..

Instead of being cool with my idea, she demands, "We should go to a show." I said there might be a comedy show. Turns out the season hadn't started. I messaged with this info. At this point I'm pissed off. She asks ME out, will expect ME to pay, then wants ME to set plans, and then rejects my plan for something else she wants me to pay for?

The Double Standards of Women in Dating: The Hypocrisy of Equality

True equality among the sexes must also be cultural equality. Instead, women want it both ways. They want government equality while at the same time benefiting from cultural inequality.

It is time for men to treat women as equals. Time to split checks. Time for separate married bank accounts (which protect women too). Time for prenuptial agreements. Time for Dads have equal claim for kids in divorce. Time for women to court men & women to buy flowers. Time for women to ask for sex.

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  • Face it guys, have the responsibility to court the woman and work to get the pussy. Don't like it be gay then

    • So you're saying guys only date for the sex?

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    • from what medieval dungeon did your ideas come from? if you were a man everyone would call you sexist and a misogynist. but even as a woman you are a misogynist and not just a misandrist. you present us as entitled princesses, and pussies who can't make a move, and imply we sell ourselves as commodities... .

Most Helpful Guy

  • Tell her your not interested in a flake and move on.
    Gotta stop treating women who don't deserve it, well. And 99% don't deserve it.
    You should know that they want you to treat them badly. That's why they so love bad boys. If they wanted to be treated well, nice guys would finish first and bad boys would finish last.


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What Girls Said 26

  • Why didn't you simply tell HER your thoughts on her actions?
    Society's more/less agreed on the idea that whoever invites, pays; whoever's hosting, cooks. Yes, most first date's tend to be by the man's initiation--but she broke script, then refused to play by the new one. That's on her. But don't generalize and think that all women pull this shit.

    • Agreed, that is why I said "Lousy" take. :D

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    • I hate double standards yet humans do it why?

  • Girl you don't like enough messages you
    You don't care to impress her
    She still expects you to impress her
    Your options: don't bother with her, try to get better girls (requires effort on your part and you will probably be rejected a lot), or put up with her as she is

    • This is sage advice!

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    • LOL! What's not to like? When I read the original post, all I could think was, "you say you get messaged by several women, then you say an overweight, unattractive woman messages you and you set up a date? WHY?" I always thought the first rule of dating is "go toward that which attracts you." I think you nailed it with the options. The clear answer is both option 1 and 2--don't bother with her and try to get better girls. But that should've been clear long before the meet up.

    • What I do...

      Put up with her as she is and post my reservations as a my take so othher people dont do it in the future.

      Point is what?

  • Sounds like you are mad because you wanted a slim woman, with a sexy face.

    If you didn't like the way she looked why did you even go forward with this.

    LOL this post is the most stupid thing I read in my life.

    • No, what he is mad about is that this woman is acting as if she is entitled, as if she is in higher demand then she is and expecting him to do the work even though we live in a society that claims they want equality (clearly not). Their is a difference. Its acting as if your a 10 when your a 5, that was the issue.

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    • @hellionthesagereborn No but seriously now, shutup.

    • @Alexistheman333 In the immortal words of Jordan Peterson, "Your a child, what the hell do you know? You have never lived on your own, had a real job or real responsibilities how can you possible claim to know anything?". So yeah, maybe don't act like an idiot, which is just good life advice in general really, maybe keep that in mind when you grow up and have to function in the real world.

  • Not every girl is going to a bitch like that, some like it traditional and chivalrous while others will be cool going Dutch and having separate accounts. They'll want a more progressive guy.

    We live in an ever-changing world man full of people with different ideas of how to get along, and yeah some will be bitches.

    • 99% of chics are like this. If this was a random incident I wouldn't post this. This is common. Women's number one shit test is picking dinner..."i dont know..." riiiight.

  • I only read the end and that's why so many people are getting divorced these days because of people like you. If you want everything split why get married at all. Prenups start a marriage on the basis of distrust. Guaranteed failure. Marriage literally is sharing your life with someone and becoming one unit. You are obviously single for a reason and don't have the first clue about women. You are too immature to be dating or to marry.

    • @burpzzzzz that means 70 percent of men are the ones that have pushed the woman in a state she needs to run away from them.

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    • @Smoothshave Don't marry American women, American women are bitches. European ones are much better.

    • People shouldn't keep tabs on each other but women are DEMAND their partner to do more housework when he is a major provider or only provider of the house hold. What man in his right mind want to marry women like you? A maid is cheaper.

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What Guys Said 32

  • This argument has been done to death on here. If you don't like quit whining and find women who :-

    A) Don't go on dating sites
    B) Don't send half nude pictures of themselves immediately after an opening line
    C) Are not princesses.

    • 0.00000001% of the population. I am not whining. I am just point out double standards in dating when it comes to expectations in courting. Like, who pays and who sets up the date, etc.

      Instead, you mention "dating site" and "nude" and everyone has an orgy obsession with those buzz words.

      The issue I have is not the chic. The issue I have is the implication in our society that a woman is expected to ask a man out on a date and then expect him to plan the date and pay for it. I have experienced this over and over again. The fact that this is merely an example doesn't change the main point. This issue has been experienced with women who werent on dating sites and didn't send nudes. get it?

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    • Come back and 10 years and we will see. hahaha

    • @burpzzzzz lol. Funny. You guys crack me up!

  • Sounds like she put too much expectation on you and you got butt hurt over something unimportant lol.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm with you that girls want it all. They do, but the sooner you accept that the sooner you can move forward in a way that's beneficial for you and her. Because she gave you multiple red flags and you chose to move forward. So to complain about it later is a bit silly, since you knew what you were getting into beforehand.

    That said the moment she shot down your idea, then offered up something else. That was your opportunity to decide if you like her idea better or not. If it legitimately sounded like fun, then you could take her up on it because that's a good idea, rather than getting pissed off that she said no to something that sounded boring to her. Just like you could have done if her idea sounded boring. Merely saying, "no, that sounds boring lol" then offering up a third idea could have lead to you both brainstorming a date together.

    Which would have been a good sign had you both done that. Coming to a decision together means you both can talk about an issue, work it out and come to a conclusion you're both happy with. But you got hungup on her saying no to your first idea and that she asked you to think of something at all.

    Sure, it was poor form for her to ask you out and ask you to plan it out. But you could have easily teased her for it and played the "girl's role". That can be fun to do sometimes. Like if you catch a girl checking you out you can easily look at her and jokingly say, "Hey! My eeeyes are up here". Make her laugh and you already have an in. Just role with it man or get out.

    • My butt is not hurt. Nothing entered it. Im a grown man rolling my eyes at the craziness I see in the dating world and in society in general.

    • Don't get too jaded brotha man. Wish you the best of luck out there

    • Thanks bro! I just want to have fun. You know?

  • Like the Fox and the Grapes fable... the grapes are sour anyways.

    • where do I find a larger picture of that one?

    • @J-Rock hold and save the image to you pictures, print it out in your printer

    • it's too pixelatted because it's a small image.

  • I'll give you all a tip.

    The only people (women really) who are pushing for this kind of "equality" are the ideologically driven feminists. The problem is that they made an assumption that if they were in every way equal to men that it would improve their lives and make them happier, and that's demonstrably not the case. There's good studies about womens political and economic freedom plotted over the last 100 years vs their self reported happiness and as "freedom" increases, happiness decreases. Men's has stayed the same.

    Remember that feminists don't push for this kind of equality because they've studied it and seen that it leads to happier women, they're pushing for it because the have a Social Marxist agenda, it's just an assumption of the theory that it'll make women happier.

    We have millions of years of men being providers and protectors for women, that doesn't go away simply because it offends certain people.

    1) Men, offer to take women out on the date, the person offering should be taking on the financial burden.
    2) Women if you really want to be "equal" then approach men, ask them out and pay for the date. If you don't want to, you have to accept that inequality runs both ways.

  • 1. Women like men to take care of things, whether it be the garbage disposal that isn't working (true story yesterday, took 10 seconds to fix) or arrangements for a date.

    2. "People who ask to meet for coffee rather than the night life are asking to be friendzoned." Hardly. I NEVER EVER have a first date as night life. The entire purpose of a first date is to get to know the other person. That can be coffee, quiet dinner, or any number of one on one activities, but it NEVER involves anything distracting from each other. After we have decided we enjoy each other's company, then we can go on dates for mutual entertainment.

    • I think you bring up some great points. Number 2 is a good one. I would say it is best among people you know or have met in person... classmates, co workers... friends... but every now and then that person is a complete stranger.

      I think it is okay to say to a woman "hey let's hang out". Then hang out and go from there. This is good if you have just met a woman on the street or at random. But you want to be careful with that. Depending on the circumstance, she may friendzone you from the get go.

      A lot of these peeps on here are making comments assuming that I am some non-social loner who only asks chics out online. I am a ladies man who uses different mediums for asking out and dating. Most recently it was an art event. That was a good time. lol.

      Good comments though.

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