How to Get Girls in This Century

We are currently in the 21st century and young women have evolved from the previous centuries. Now, women are much harder to attract due to feminism and feminazis influence. I personally have been trying to attract women for years now and nothing has worked. All I've gotten were painful "ew you're ugly" rejections and friend zones. Through extensive research, I have figured out how to get girls in this day and age, and it's not very easy.

1.) Be attractive

This one speaks for itself. Being attractive will get you more dates with attractive women. You can't really change your attractiveness. You can clean yourself up, but at the end of the day it depends on genetics. Anyone who says that personality is more important than being attractive is stupid because no one wants to date someone who they find unattractive.

2.) Be fit

This is something that you can change, but It'll take a while. Being fit is very important when it comes to attracting girls. Tons of girls on here will say "scrawny guys are hot" or "fat guys are hot", but most of them are lying because they don't want to sound selfish. If you ask most buff guys, they'll say that women love their bodies and they usually get the hottest women. Being buff is highly attractive. In order to get women in this age, you gotta look like this guy

My suggestion is to wait until you have this guy's body to start going after women. That is what I'm currently doing.

3.) Be a "bad boy"

Girls will say that they hate bad boys, but they really don't. Personally I respect girls, It is the way I was raised. Whenever I dated a girl I showed her the upmost respect. I was always kind to her and cared for her. I'm here to tell you guys that younger attractive girls always leave you for the "bad boy". They think that respect is "bitch like" and need someone who will show them no respect. This goes for most of the attractive young women in the U.S right now. Every attractive girl I've dated left me for the bad boy and they told me that I was too much of a pussy. In this century, showing respect to women means you're a pussy, according to women. I'm always going to be nice and show respect to women because that is simply who I am and I can't change that, which means I'm screwed.

There you have it. In conclusion, girls are way harder to get in this day and age. I can already smell the white knights and women who are going to say that I'm wrong and that women are perfect creatures who want to be treated with respect. My question to them is, why is it that when I treated them with respect, they left me for being a pussy? Or why do they friend zone me for showing respect? Because of this, my life is shit. Girls never want to talk to me. Anyway, thanks for reading!


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  • Lol. This is a good way to end up on tinder.

    • I don’t understand what you’re saying.

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    • You met a loser guy and he's YOUR winner? FAIL honey. Just a fail. We'll so how that shakes out over the long haul. My guess is you'll grow bored to tears, shut down sexually, bail, cheat, or any combination thereof.

    • *... we'll see...

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  • If you want younger women, yes, you're likely to face all this to some degree. If you want mature women that can see the value in a man for more than that, go with older.


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  • I agree with the points in this Take, but suggest that a more fitting title would be "How to get Sex from Girls who are Only Looking for Sex in This Century"

    • The majority of college women are looking for sex and a relationship so...

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    • I agree with her, I mean c'mon she's a woman. You don't know how a woman feels about a certain thing such as this. I agree this is just a terrible article giving out bad advice. How do you KNOW what a woman wants? Maybe depending on the woman that you've been with, but there are millions.

    • Oh yea it's pretty easy! My university is 60% women to 40% men - sex is a joke around here

  • 1) Duh, but what people find attractive varies quite a lot. Guys on here like try cry about how women only go for tall buff dudes who are rich as fuck. Well, my boyfriend is exactly as tall as me (5'7), is healthy but has a very average build (no six pack :) ) and is a student like me, so not exactly the definition of a multimillionaire. To me he's hot af. But according to the guys on here he's unattractive. Lol.

    2) Like I said, my boyfriend isn't super fit. He eats healthy and exercises regularly but by no means is he a massive gym rat. Doesn't have a six pack, even has a little bit of pudge here and there. But I find him sexy as hell.

    3) I think my boyfriend is just about the sweetest and most considerate/respectful guy I've ever met.

    Girls don't friendzone you because you respect them. What the actual fuck lol. Girls friendzone you because you don't fit their preferences, whatever they may be (and as I've proven here, they vary from person to person).
    You pitying yourself and generalizing women like this is probably why you aren't very successful. You think that we all share the exact same opinions, values and preferences, instead of seeing us all as separate people with our own thoughts and feelings. Maybe try seeing women as humans instead of sex giving robots, and you might be more successful.

    • I don’t go around and show my pity to the world. It’s obvious you haven’t been rejected and frienzoned countless times because you would be feeling what I feel. You’re very one-sided, you don’t account the guys who go and try to get girls but fail every time they try because of their appearance. No I don’t think of you as sex robots, I don’t even want sex. I just want girls to acknowledge me. Sex is so far down the road you can’t even see it. The majority of women are the same. Basic as hell. It’s why pretty much every girl I’ve seen on college campus is with the type I’ve listed above.

    • Hmmm. You dont seem as egotistical as I first thought. At least the fact that you dont expect sex is way more credible to your side than mamy realize. Most guys expect girls attention ONLY for sex. You and me dont get cred where its due. We both dont just want sex just a date or two or something for fun. Like I said though, its their prob. They pass up good opportunities for guys that respect them more and date idiots instead. Thats their prob. Maybe some advice is dont try too hard anymore. Its not worth the time. I have fantasies of girls that say they want guys that respect them, reject me, date shitbags, and then cry later on when they finally see my potential but I AM THE ONE to reject them. Hard. Karma hammer smacked DOWN.

    • Nice assumption but up until the point where I found my current boyfriend (a bit over a year ago) I was rejected and friendzoned by every single crush I had. So you're not the only one buddy. The difference is that I don't take rejection as some sort of personal loss, if they don't like me then there's nothing I or they can do about it.
      You might think that you're not showing your pity to the world, but a lot of humans are very aware of the underlying feelings of other people, even if just subconsciously. You clearly have a bit of bitterness inside you, otherwise you wouldn't be making these generalizations about us women. Instead of trying to find the fault in us, take a look at yourself, the types of girls you approach, and how you approach them. If you're continuously failing, then obviously you need to try something different. Desperation is a very easy trait to sense in another person.

  • WOMEN DO NOT LIKE BAD BOYS. This is a tired trope and I need to end this shit once and for all. Women do not like "bad boys" girls do. Women like men who are confident in themselves. Let me tell you why a lot of you young men are approaching this the wrong way: you are trying to change/alter/better yourself to get women. LIFE DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND VAGINA. Your worth is not tied to the women you can bang. Grown men understand that you build wealth, make friends, find hobbies and enjoy life because it makes you happy. Stop doing things because a girl might like it. Do it because it makes you feel good. Do it because you are passionate about it. Women love passion. Women love men with a sense of purpose. Women love confident men who are just fine being alone.

    • yawn im tired now

    • every woman likes something different. if they find one that doesn't like them for being themselves it will be tiring and exhausting eventually.

    • I think you need to understand the genesis of that trope before you dismiss it entirely. Most guys who don't get much female attention notice that a lot of desirable girls end up in relationships that are toxic. In other words, they end up with "bad boys." Sexual attraction often makes us blind to flaws in the object of our desire, which is why girls get into some of these relationships, especially young girls. Guys, on the other hand, see the flaws in these guys all too clearly, given that we understand our gender better and aren't blinded by hormonal interference in our judgment of guys.

      That said, yes, it is a cliché at this point. But don't blame the guys too much. Most are taught to be nice and chivalrous with girls, so it's a surprise to find out that this is often a turnoff to women.

  • And guys say that girl's personality is important than looks yet date hot girls who are total bitches.

    • well said

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    • Most girls are though. If we don’t fit their standards then they will reject us. There is zero flexibility

    • Personality and yes, important. But it also has to attract. But it does not have to be super hot it can be a normal girl.

  • Yeah. You can be all of that, and I still wouldn't want you. Been there, done that, will do it again. " Or why do they friend zone me for showing respect?" Well, if you believe in the friendzone, I can see why you are 'friendzoned'. Seriously. You have NEVER SUCCESSFULLY dated or married a woman. Yet, you're giving this advice? I can easily tell a girl how to attract a guy, but come on! My criteria are always being friends first. ALWAYS. Since many of them didn't like that, they failed immediately with me.

    " "scrawny guys are hot" or "fat guys are hot", but most of them are lying because they don't want to sound selfish." Wow, I didn't know you have a woman's brain. Some men are ectomorphs and they can't help it! That is a load of bull. A perfect example is Asian men. Many whom were and are short and skinny. How is it they can get women? And you can't? Huh. Must be your arrogance.

    Newsflash. Respect is only 30% of the attraction. It still doesn't mean she is interested. And that is the key factor. If she is not interested in dating anybody, or you period, you already lost. Being fit is just a 10-20%. Immature girls like's 'bad boys' because they themselves have poor self-esteem issues. They left you because something wasn't right with your head, going after them. Also to add, every woman is different. And have different expectations and or needs besides wants! I am not attracted to just any and everybody. They have to meet certain traits that I need in a spouse, or that's it. Nobody wants a pity party. And if your intentions are not correct, of course, they would leave. So no. It's not that you can't get anybody to date and stay. It's the fact that you're not the perspective man any woman needs. You have nothing else to offer these girls except your looks and your body other than your money.

    • I don’t have the looks, body, or money. I’m a skinny guy who’s ugly and can’t get girls. Nothing is wrong with me, I’m fed up with girls going after guys like this is all. You do realize that you can gain weight right? You don’t have to stay skinny forever. Yes I do believe in the friend zone because, for the majority of girls, you can never make a relationship if you’re in the friend zone. Most attractive girls want a guy who’s buff (masculinity), facially attractive , and a bad boy. Nice guys like me are boring to them and bitch-like. They’re logic is “I already have a pussy I don’t need a second one”.

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    • Buddy, stop conforming to the world. Being a virgin doesn't make a guy a loser. Your twice of a loser for giving it up for the wrong reasons. Especially if you choose not to wait for that. You say that being a virgin is a burden now, but god forbid wait till you're not. You'll wish you stayed one after getting used by multiple girls, especially for a rebound. I keep telling you people, sex is learned NOT taught!

    • If you don’t conform then no girl would want you because you’re an outcast. Girls hate guys that are virgins because they don’t know what they are doing in bed.

  • so, you have been inside of a girls brain and some how found out what they have found ''attractive''. because i don't really find people attractive like you, who thinks they ''know'' everything about girls.

    • I know what they find attractive through interviewing multiple girls and just observing around the college campus. The majority of these women are will buff, attractive, and bad boy guys. Girls on GAG will lie and say they aren't into them knowing damn well that they are.

    • so suddenly you some how know what girls find ''attractive'' by just interviewing girls and watching them around the campus when there are about billions of other women that would NOT find that attractive.

    • so maybe you should look at the comments and see what they really find attractive? and try and work it out from there. *only if you can*

  • Noooo don't listen to this

    • Lol are you trying to hide the truth?

    • no, she is telling the truth girls DO NOT like guys like this.

  • Yay, mysogyny and harmful stereotypes! Seriously though. Nice to know you think we're so shallow. The guy I like is none of these things, still prefer him to the "tough" guys I see at my school. Also nice that you'd be anonymous on the subject, I see you're proud of your thesis. Here's my thesis, I can tell you without being anonymous: you go after the wrong girls; or you don't treat them with respect as much as you think you do; or you expect them to fall at your feet because you told them they're beautiful. There are millions of perfectly fine women, how about you go after those? Are they not attractive or fit enough for you? Let me tell you something: if someone doesn't show me respect, damn right they're gonna hear about it. Loudly and bluntly. "They get the hottest women" so we're shallow and you're not? Maybe you'd get more women if you didn't call them stupid for liking personality more, because from what I can tell from your post, mysogyny aside, you're kind of a dickhead.

    Oh wait, you used the term feminazi. Nevermind, can't fix you. Good luck with your shitty life, hope you find a way to go back to the 19th century.

    • Firstly, how hypocritical of you to say that I’m doing this anonymously when you don’t even have a picture of yourself in your profile picture. Secondly, I do everything that I’m suppose to do to get a girl to attract me. Show respect, have patience, compliment her, be there for her, but it all boils down to those three things I’ve listed, most importantly points one and two. Girls don’t like personality more and everyone knows. No need to cover it up in your anger. I can’t tell by the way you wrote this that you’re a triggered SJW, so if he truth triggers you then so be it.

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    • No one can sense self pity if you hide it. I hide it and I know that that isn’t why. Girls were unattracted to my face and were unattracted by my body. That’s not the philosophy you’re stating.

    • Whatever, honey. As long as you're happy. Just letting you know you can see it, irregardless of how tough you act. It shows. But whatever, it's your life, have it as crappy as you want it to.

  • let me go backwards on your list.

    3rd: Bad Boy
    yes ✔️
    you're right. if we are talking about teens n inexperienced early 20s. they hear it on the tv, hear it in music... that love is about suffering, questioning that "does he love me", and being treated bad means only that the guy likes you, and he's just playing to be a jerk. (no 🔕 he's not playing it)

    2nd: Be Fit
    yes ✔️
    but you don't have to look like the guy on the pic. be fit ON YOUR LEVEL.
    look healthy. be able to carry weight. be able to climb up on a hill without the need to catch your breath.
    if you want those 6 packs, go for it. but i warn you : they need a daily maintenance after you reach it. a good girl won't ask it for you.

    1st: Being Attractive
    yes ✔️
    look the best way you can! i would underline it if could. be the best of yourself!
    yes, you can't change your genetics. but!

    - you can find a haircut that fits the best to your face
    - you can learn how to dress up cool & feeling comfortable in it. find your style, wear it with confidence

    and: don't ever try to copy someone else! find your style, find your confidence, and then you can find the right girl for yourself who loves you for yourself only.

    I'm saying all this to you after 5 years of research in relationship & self-knowledge topic 😘

  • *-* I don't date bad boys... maybe that's because I was born in the 90's

    • The rest of your peers, not so much.

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    • Okay, but trying to pick one that isn't like that out of a crowd is impossible around all these kardashian clones.

    • @Wwwyzzerdd true, 90 percent of the population doesn't really have the capacity to think for themselves.. like little robot workers

  • your bar sluts that you date and like don't represent all of us. men shouldn't conform to modern datings' desires. classic family men were the best.

    • glad to see your comment. I am not any of those things he mentioned so how can i ever get a woman so its refreshing to see your comment is what im sayn.

    • Bar sluts are still women. And these things are for he majority of attactive women.

  • be a bad boy in bed, yes. otherwise no. no better surprise than to have a perfect gentleman turn the switch on you.

  • Looks like a copy of the take Hispanic Guy wrote. No it's easy. Don't be a dick and don't be a creep

    • Actually it’s not that simple. You have to be attractive or else you will get rejected, since people in general base everything off their appearance. It’s why you can’t go into a job interview in causal clothes and expect to get the job. Girls love the bad boy type so being a dick may be necessary. It appears girls look right over the nice guys and go straight for the bad ones. They also really love muscles too. So if you have a combination of those three, you’re golden

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    • How can girls tell the difference between a genuinely nice guy and a nice guy who’s faking it? You really can’t unless you were to catch them in the act of this happening. Genuinely nice guys end up in the friend zone. They aren’t sexually appealing at all. I’ve been rejected multiple times and I wasn’t pushy or creepy. It was because I wasn’t attractive. I didn’t have big bulky muscles and I wasn’t a bad boy. I was regarded as a “pussy” by many women.

    • I think the point is what is good on paper and what gets a woman sexually aroused are two different things. A man can be kind, caring, charitable, volunteer, have lots of common interests, treat you like an individual, and on and on but only be considered a friend because he doesn't sexually attract you. One of the only things that separate a platonic friend from a romantic interest is sexual attraction.

      So the reason question is, what is sexually attractive to you? What warms your cockles? Because if the man doesn't do that for you, no amount of commonalities and rapport is going to make you desire him.

      Some women say it is that magical "spark", but obviously it isn't magical, it has to be tangible. Men try to find this thing to improve their attractiveness, not just to pick up any woman, but to appeal to the one who is compatible to him in all other areas.

  • No my child no. Unless you want girls and not real women.

  • For TYPICAL girls, yes it's true. But for the REST of us, those are NEVER true. And maybe quit going after girls that obviously don't deserve nor appreciate a good and respectful guy. I mean don't get me wrong, I do like my guy at least somewhat attractive, but I ALWAYS go for personality. I hate shallow people. That's why I refuse to be one myself. You are too busy looking in the wrong places or going for typical girls and overlooking the girls that don't even act nor present themselves like other girls that you are so commonly found in today's society to even notice that some of us actually want someone more valuable. Maybe go for the type of girl that isn't so commonly found.

    • Nobody ever goes for just personality. Looks are always first. Girls always say they want a guy with personality because they don’t want to seem shallow.

  • Or just talk to her...

    • You have to be those three things above or else she won’t let you talk to her.

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    • Nope. Not most girls. Only the ones you are attracted to...

    • @Mekara actually not really. Girls I don’t find attractive do this too.

  • Hey, I found your sub-reddit! -

  • You're trying to date girls out of your league, probably.
    And no, girls do not like bad boys. Hot boys yes, but not bad boys.

  • Wow, this is so wrong. These things will get you a very short-term relationship. Long-term, compassion, trust and respect is important. These kinds of things will get you a girlfriend on some online dating site, but not IRL.

    • No in reality too. Once you reach college it’s a lot more prevalent then your little bubble of a high school

    • Mate, I'm not going to be attracted to some random girl just because she's hot and an a$$hole.

  • i agree (at least for me) to all of that except for number 3. of course i want you to have a wonderful face and a good body, but you also have to be a good person. which is different from being needy, but thankfully it is mostly ugly guys to be white knights

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  • I've never had any issues with girls but I think I've gone about it in a very different way than you have. If a girl leaves you for the bad boy or for the hot guy, her main concern is sex. Your issue is largely the kind of girls with which you've been associating yourself. I was in a relationship for nearly two years with a girl I thought was beautiful, though most people would likely have disagreed (I even had a friend kill her off in a game of kiss, marry, kill). And that's where your second issue comes in... the way you view someone as being attractive is all wrong, but then that's largely a matter of motivation. If you truly love and care about a person they will become incredibly attractive to you. It's not a matter of debate or a matter of "hopefully" you will find the people you truly care about more beautiful. Even the nice guy thing you haven't been doing right. You've been treating it as a matter of respect rather than one of love. It doesn't matter if you just respect her, but if you truly show that you care about her... well that's another matter. People are so concerned with attractiveness, but attractiveness is only something that gets you so far. You'll never truly have someone love you for being attractive. You'll never have someone be loyal to you for being attractive, because, chances are, there's always someone more attractive... at least in their eyes. Yeah, yeah, call me a white knight, say that I'll never get laid like that. I don't give a crap. There's a girl who most would consider unattractive, who I love very dearly. To me she is beautiful and precious. You can say, she's just what I had to "settle for," and there have been many times when she's tried to say I deserve someone better, but I genuinely love her, and I can't say that I've ever thought of someone as being anywhere near as attractive as her since we met. Don't get me wrong, this probably won't get you laid with all the hot young super attractive types... but if that's what you want that's your problem. I can only imagine that ending in misery and bitterness.

  • If you are in a rush to find someone, ask your friends which women are roughly equal to you in terms of general appearance, financial status, things you like, etc.. and start asking every single one of them out.

    If you only nut up and take a chance on a rare occasion, then only aim high, your chance for success is slim.

    • But why date people you are unattracted to? That doesn’t make sense

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    • Next time a hot woman shoots you down, I hope she says "But why date people you are unattracted to? That doesn’t make sense".

      Double standard thinking. If you want a highly desirable woman, be a highly desirable man. It isn't rocket science.. and if you honestly hate the crap you posted.. start changing the world by setting a better example...

    • Of course its double standard thinking. That’s why I’m saying it’s important to have good looks so you can get good looking girls.

  • The more things change the more they stay the same. :)

    So I'll summarize your 'take and add the one key factor you left out...
    Guys need these three things to get with the ladies:
    1. Looks - sure that means fit, hit the gym, groom, dress well - a notch up from everyone anywhere you go - it gets their attention.
    2. Money - sure, you'll attract the gold-diggers too, but you can cull them out. But no high-value woman is gonna date a dead-broke guy. She might fuck him, but she won't take up with him. It's called 'provisioning' and they want to make sure you can support them and the 84 children they want to have with you.
    3. Confidence. Irrational confidence. Fake it 'till you make it. If you're fit and rich you'll have gained irrational confidence too. Practice social skills, greetings and conversation, be able to converse fluidly.

    You can get by with any two of these but all three is the winning combination. You'll have them throwing themselves at you. :)

    • Oh, and never forget that YOU ARE THE PRIZE!!
      The women will come and go but a high-value guy is truly the ultimate prize. They can do things and accomplish what most women cannot even dream of.

  • Being a pussy is something you can change though. You just need good (or maybe'bad') role models. Follow your own advice! At least about the badboy part.

    Attractiveness may help, fitness isn't so important really, for the generalfemale population. I've got more women as an overweight, smoking alcoholic than when I was training 4 hours a day with kickboxing, weights and Kung Fu!

    Be the guy she'll leave you for!! Then she won't just not leave - you'll get other girls who want the 'badboy' too!

  • You got it wrong:

    Be Confident

    Be Smart

    Be Rich

    Yeah, those 3 are what you need.

    Being confident will make you extremely charismatic and attractive. It also bolster your courage to do stuff. This makes you very attractive to dreamy girls.

    Being smart not only make you exceeding efficient in everything you do and be extremely attractive to confident women.

    Lastly, being rich means you are good enough to actually turn those smarts and confidence into something of value and not just all talk. Being rich means being powerful, influential and financially secured. This makes you very attractive to practical women.

  • LMAO I'm just envisioning this 15 year old kid wearing spongebob pajamas putting time together to write this. The women on here are about to tear you apart and it will be hilarious.

    • I’m actually 18 and these women have no evidence against me because they know that they like this shit

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    • @errorgoodnameunfound you have just proven my point about what women want. Thank you

    • Cool. We got common point. Np

  • None of that is true.

    I find it MUCH easier to date women today than 20 years ago. Part of it is me, and part of it is them.

    I am not considered physically attractive. I am not even tall. I certainly do not work out and am no comparison to my ability to run and lift when I was 19, decades ago. I am also quite the nice, polite fellow.

    Where I have changed is that I am now rich. Having wealth beats anything you mentioned.

    Where the women have changed is that they are genuinely easier to get into bed. Getting a first date into bed when I was in college was impossible. Today, it is easy. Today's women want and expect sex as much as guys do. (I am talking about women in the 18 to 30 age range then and now).

    • And on that last part of how easy women are today, that is also true if they don't know I am rich.

    • I’ll give you that. Being rich does help.

  • I'm a white knight and i just found a foule beast. Prepare to be purged and to answer the divine lady's judgments.


    • I gotta admit that’s creative and it made me laugh. But prove me wrong since you think that I’m so incorrect.

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    • That image was gold. Your comment needs a lot more attention.

    • So agreed 😂😂😂

  • This article is bullshit! I'm not exactly dateable myself and rejections are second-nature to me as well, however I can also confirm not every woman wants to date a thug or an asshole. The only woman I ever had a crush with in my adulthood (well it was more than a crush actually; call it love sickness) isn't even in to me. She only saw me as a friendzone person, and in her case. I think its because of my controversial personality. The only woman I actually fallen in love with and I fucking blew it because I did something that might have made her think I'm some arrogant asshole or some creep. After that, I became even more depressed than before and no matter what I do to clear my mind of her I can't truly get rid of it. I find myself crying in my bed periodically every time now, even when I finally acquired the meds for my Aspergers to help me concentrate and reclaim my confidence. I've never thought I'd ever feel so depressed in my life as worse as I do now. I thought I already faced worse. I was wrong and I feel like shit for it. I wanted to contact her and apologize to her for it but I later found out this year that she already blocked me on some social media and probably thinks I'm some stalker or a creep now. She already has a boyfriend after all so there's nothing I can do to win her heart.

    So, I've been taking steps to better myself and move on. Cleared my entire Skype and deleted my Facebook, even planning to delete my Twitter and DeviantArt depending on the circumstances.

    Don't follow your own cursed advice mate, it's just not worth it.

    I hate to think money when finding love but at this rate, I am willing to take that path, but just not in the "check out mah greens brah! Fuck me!" fashion, rather in the "I have a strong career and invented a powerful company in the gaming industry! I can still keep it alive with or without you!" fashion. Maybe then, I will finally see a future and hopefully I can stop thinking about that woman, or women at all for that matter.

  • Yeah - I just think different folks, different strokes - Everyone has their own tastes - I just think you are not being true to yourself or the girl if you create something she wants rather than her being attracted to you - It may seem limiting but it could be more rewarding in the long run to stay yourself - I have to no major qualms about what route you take just observations

  • It's mostly just be attractive, confident and entertaining. Those are the most important qualities when it comes to attracting girls.

  • im none of those things and I've never had a problem.

    Anyway, if you know what needs to be done, go do it buddy! Whatcha wasting time on here for, hit the gym get shredded (low body fat is the biggest improvement to a man's face too) and go slay.

  • Basically, "To each his/her own." Some people are superficial and shallow, and others are real and caring. Women DO want a man who they can feel safe around, and who looks out of them, and who is confident.

    • That last one is very important, it is something that guys (myself included) struggle with in dating. Like there are days where I feel hopeless.

    • @TomBradysJersey That's understandable. It can be a vicious cycle: The more one is rejected, the less confident one feels. But give yourself some time, confidence in one's self can be improved as people change and strive to better themselves. Especially as one matures, they learn the distinguish against things that don't really matter, and the things that are important in life, and that can drastically change a person's perspective about the world and especially about themselves.

    • Well I've only been rejected

  • " In order to get women in this age, you gotta look like this guy"
    Just look at all couples you see. How many guys look like that?

    • Pretty much every single one of them

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    • I can't I have bad genes

    • If they're REALLY bad, it's better not to pass them on to children.

  • Ron Jeremy is a fat, hairy dork with no personality. But he gets tons of ladies because he has the only 2 things that matter: a big dick and lots of money.

    • Dude, are you serious? hahahaha! I am betting 90% of the chicks Ron Jeremy slept with on camera during the last half of career were turned off by him but stayed professional and did what the job called for. He is a pornstar, of course, he "gets" tons of ladies.

    • these are not exactly "ladies" in any connotation of the word... .

    • @levantine99 Just because they work in the sex industry doesn't mean they aren't ladies. Granted, many have high libidos, but others simply do their job and when they come home at the end of the day, they live regular average hum-drum lives.

      I get the moral implications of sexual promiscuity. However, sex is just a physical activity if you want to look at it biologically. If a woman looks attractive, has a high sex drive, and gets paid well for having sex, then I can see why the industry is so alluring to them. Yes, in some cases, sexual abuse can cause a woman to have an unhealthy view of sex and attracts them to the industry. Others are business savvy and smart, college-educated women who take advantage of their attractiveness and their love for sex to make some cash and have no moral hang-ups about it. To each their own.

      All that said, Ron Jeremy is a poor example. For most guys who are obese and "ugly", they need have larger than life personalities or status to make up for it.

  • I'm curious now what it is you call "respect".

    • Respect meaning not treating her like shit and abusing her. Respecting her opinions on different matters and caring for her as a gentleman should.

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    • No, you're just the guy who rushes to her side to save her when the bad man disrespects her.

    • No, she comes to me and complains. Because she knows I’d respect her

  • I mean if you give someone respect simply on account of their gender or appearance ((upbringing or not)), you shouldn't be surprised when they look down on you.

    • No, I give respect to anyone who earns it. But when I give respect to girls, they think it's bitch like

  • I reread your mytake a bit. I am curious as to what univ you go to and what state?

    • That’s private info lol

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    • Actually, Michigan isn’t that small. I go to a university and it’s huge here, but other than that you’re pretty much spot on. Most of the girls here come from smaller towns, towns I’ve never even heard of (probably because I’m not from Michigan) and for the most part, the attractive girls are dating the type I’ve meantioned above.

    • Yah its not iowa small. Or new hamshire small. But compare it where I am from. Texas. Or NY. Or Cali. Or Florida. Its just another midwest state in comparison. Like Ohio or Indiana or Illinois minus Chicago. This again is speculation. But glad that I nailed a huge part of it. Good to think on the right track. Dont wanna spread wrong info.

  • i am aware girls will like boys they find attractive, i am attractive, i also am curious to see the amount of girls that put in effort and appreciation with me with what i do.
    i am not afraid to leave a girl haha.

  • I think I'm starting to understand why women ask "where did all the men go"?
    Ain't nothin but bitches out here, and I find that offensive... to female dogs.

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