We Are Putting Too Much Attention On The Desires of YOUNG Women

This is a theory. It isn't based on any stats or anything but more a general observation based on real world experience and knowledge of pop culture and news. But, what the situation is is that we (mostly men but also some women) on what women are like from 18-21 and not what they are like once they've, you know, actually matured.

We Are Putting Too Much Attention On The Desires of YOUNG Women

I mean, you can see it by the verbiage we use. Even on this site we refer to all women as "girls" (girls ask guys.) it seems innocent and unimportant, but it frames our minds. You would never call a 30 year old woman a girl but you'd call a 20 year old woman a girl. As such by using girl as a term for all women you are framing them all in this 18-21 year old bracket.

But aside from just verbiage, let's look at some of the things we ascribe to women in general:

-women feel degraded by sex and generally do it because they feel its a duty to their guy

-women like "bad boys" or guys who are confident yet jerks/aholes

-women are obsessed with six packs and huge dicks

-women value athletes and men with lots of money

-women will actually refuse to go on a date with a guy because he's short

Now, what does this remind you of? Oh yes the girls you met IN HIGH SCHOOL. Christ, by college women are usually growing out of these above things. And yet, look at any guys take or question and it usually assuming one or all of the above are true. Yes, size matters A LOT to women in their youth, yes the size of your bank account matters to women who are young or never grew out of their youthful desire to only go with guys who can take care of her most superficial desires, and yes when you're in school being a sports team makes you very attractive.

Now you might say well i know plenty of 30 year old women who still care about these things and they're pretty hot! And to that i'd say yes but you're assuming all women mature just because they get older. I'd disagree. And you realize that those 30 year olds who you say are hot compared to other 30 year olds are trying to look 21? Do you really want a woman like that? Do you realize what that looks like at 40 and beyond? They never let it go, they never grow up...

So, I say we need to reframe what we ascribe to women at large. If you do want to say a general statement about women, consider how the older ones feel as well as the younger ones. Maybe part of the problem is that guys STATISTICALLY prefer 18-21 year old women by a far margin regardless of the age of the guy.

But that's beside the point. What I do know is that no woman above the age of 26 sees the world in such crass terms. Sure, they may have remnants of their youthful mind prompting them to value one guy over another for the wrong reasons but this is not a significant thing. Mostly, it's mostly in guys' minds and, again, maybe that's because deep down inside men want women to be 18-21 forever...

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  • Thank you for sharing.


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  • The guys who go on and on about guys and girls looking in their 20s vs their 30s I think are just hoping for some magic because it's usually from dudes in their 20s who are super ugly and they got this idea stuck in their head they're magically going to become good looking in their 30s. They're not. They're going to be just as ugly and probably uglier especially if obesity is an issue for them.

    Guys who look better in their 30s only apply to the guys who look young for their age and have good jawlines. If they do their jaws are more pronounced in their 30s. Guys who have weak jawlines in their teens and 20s have even weaker looking ones in their 30s. Aging has one of two effects for guys. It either makes guys who look young for their age and already have good genetics look even better. If you're not a part of that specific group your 30s are not going to be doing you any favors.

    Same thing applies to women. Some get way hotter in their 30s. But these guys think every guy gets hotter in their 30s. It's really not true.


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  • I mean this is some normal cognitive dissonance though. When guys talk homogenously about "women" they are talking about the ones they notice, i. e. the ones they find attractive. This is a subconscious association.

    Women are guilty of it too. Go to any take on here by a woman about men, and tell me, are they referring to all men, or just the men they find attractive? It's just a man's age isn't so tied in with his attractiveness.

    Also, I don't really think people change that much as they get mature. The discrepancy is because all the stupid, very immature ones either die or get stuck working a minimum wage job and join the "invisibles", i. e. unattractive men or women.

  • I know I'm gonna get a shit tons for this !!!

    But its not only about age... taking care of yourself doesn't mean its always to attract the opposite sex rather than doing it for you too.

    I mean I don't get why there is a "presumed" pressure that its hard to be the best version of yourself ,,,, and the first thing in a lot of people mind comes, you are shallow or immature !!! really? I can make a counter argument in a second to refute that claim.

    The truth is : Its All Matter ( looks, personality... etc ) !!! no matter what age you are.
    People have the right to choose with whom they want to be with.
    And this apply to both men and women.

  • It makes sense that guys would be most attracted to women at the age when their fertility peaks.