10 Reasons Why Women Will Always Want The Masculine Man

10 Reasons Why Women Will Always Want The Masculine Man

1. Drive

“I’m really attracted to a guy who knows what he wants in life and is going after it. I absolutely adore being around that kind of energy.” – Jessica, 27

Women are attracted to men that have goals and are actively pursuing them. Masculine energy is directional energy. Like a boulder rolling down a hill, the single-focus energy that penetrates through resistance in pursuit of achieving an end result is very attractive to women. But drive isn’t always enough on its own. Ideally you’ll be driven in something that you’re passionate about. it doesn't have to be a drive regarding career or making money alone, rather than passion in life and working on something you really want to achieve. As much as most men resist this idea, when it comes to attracting a high value woman of character, drive beats dollars every time.

2. They Have Presence

Every person wants to feel deeply seen and understood by someone in their lives… but few people want to take the time to explain or reveal themselves. When it comes to deeply connecting with a woman on an emotional level, your presence will always mean more than any presents ever could. By being fully present with women (through eye contact, listening, and prioritizing distraction-free conversations) you give them the sense of feeling seen. Everyone (male or female) wants to feel deeply seen and appreciated. The first step in giving women this feeling is in developing your personal presence.

10 Reasons Why Women Will Always Want The Masculine Man

3. Masculine men don’t care about Women little physical flaws

Their sexuality functions on a more animalistic level, so they don’t always assess women with their rationality or analytical skills, but with their guts and instincts. They want sexy women, but they don’t get bogged down by the details.If a woman is a little extra fat, unfashionable haircut or whatever piece of ugly clothing she might be wearing don’t mean a thing to them.

Nice dandyish men are different. Since they care too much about their own appearance, they judge women the same way they judge themselves: through an artistic, ideal kind of beauty, the type that amazes a man’s left brain but leaves him more or less sexually aroused. Effeminate men prefer cute over sexy. With their refined attention to details, they will mind if a woman didn’t draw the lines on her eyebrows correctly. and that's not fucking cool at all !

4. They don’t play mind games

They will be upfront with their intention and let the woman know what they want right from the start, which makes them more honest. Oppositely, nice guys will put up an act, lying to woman and befriending her in a slimy attempt at making their way inside her legs. When they realize the woman won’t let them in, their precious feelings are crushed, they start calling her an abusing bitch and make her responsible for all their troubles.

5. They’re romantic

Yes. we don't show our feelings in the beginning but, If a woman get our heart, which is very hard to obtain, we will timely express our feelings to the woman in a way that feels real and important. It will be worth a lot more than the daily doses of ass kissing a woman can get from her prissy boyfriend telling her you’re the best star to ever grace the face of the Earth, even while she's picking her nose. lol

10 Reasons Why Women Will Always Want The Masculine Man

6. They take the lead

They plan and organize the dates ( especially in the beginning of the relationship ), and all the woman have to do is show up with her smile, relaxed and ready to have fun. women loves a man taking care of them ( even if some of them would say I don't really like that ). Whereas effeminate men will ask the woman "want you want to do", "what restaurants you like and if their jeans make them look fat, effectively ruining the evening".

7. They’re living the moment as much as they can

When they are doing something important with the woman, they are able to stop and appreciate the moment, living it and experiencing it fully. nice men are worried: they constantly think about yesterday, tomorrow, what if this happens, what if that happens, bringing her along into their spiral of anxiety.

8. They are independent

They live and die on their own terms and they have their own projects and ambitions, without needing validation from anyone. They enjoy her company and they like her, but they don’t always need her !!!.

They actually give the woman a space. On the other hand, insecure men are clingy and their lives revolve around her. They look up to her to spice up their unfulfilled existence. soon the woman will lose interest in them.

10 Reasons Why Women Will Always Want The Masculine Man

9. They only have feelings at the right place at the right time

They are laid back unemotional beings, and if a problem arises, they will deal with it and solve it on the spot, forgotten and forgiven a few minutes later. the sissified men cute at first when a woman witness them crying at the movies, but they also passive-aggressively throw outfits after having held inside their grudges for weeks for reasons she will never understand. They will choose the perfect time for it: her birthday!!!

10. Sex!

Come on.... lets face it !!! we know how to satisfy a woman perfectly. since most of us have a high sex drive and appreciate real sex and enjoy it fully. while the nice guy is used to watching porn and masturbate most of the time to the point it will be causing him different negative effects when actually doing it.


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  • I agree with this take but "They are laid back unemotional beings, and if a problem arises, they will deal with it and solve it on the spot, forgotten and forgiven a few minutes later. " is sort of debatable.

    Dude, I'm literally the epitome of what most people would consider masculine by appearance, demeanor, and over all presence. I have little to no empathy for people in general. I come off as extremely cold and indifferent to every woman I've been with in my life.. except for one. I've been with a lot of women too.

    When I met my girl, I felt shit I've literally never felt before, and I distanced myself from her so that she wouldn't find out. It drove her away because she was investing so much into me and I didn't reciprocate at all. She thought I didn't give a shit and didn't care about her and it almost broke up our relationship.

    I decided to just be very upfront and honest with her and tell her that she is literally the only woman that has ever made me feel emotion towards her in this way. I literally felt like I was cutting off my balls right then and there when I told her everything. You want to know what happened? She was flattered and she accepted me 100% and I trusted her with that side of me. I didn't even know I had that side of me till she came in my life. I'm all about just being yourself unapologetically.

    I'm a veteran, was a troubled teenager growing up, and have just gone through a lot of shit in my life. She has literally helped me become a better person in so many ways. If you want to call me a sissy or pussy for just being up front and honest with my emotions towards her, then you're entitled to your judgement.

    I'm all for guys not acting like over dramatic pussies, but being indifferent to every woman you come across in your life is not the solution.

    Also, what you're saying is sort of contradicting to you not playing games. When you actually fall a woman like how I fell for my woman, a lot of emotions are involved. Emotions are going to be prevalent in the process. You acting like you're indifferent to all of it in an attempt to create some masculine aura is you simply being afraid to be honest with yourself in others out of fear.

    • I'm not sure the text says not to have any emotion - it says masculine men show emotion at the right place and at the right time. I would think meeting the love of your life is the right place and right time ;)

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  • I might be attracted to masculine "alpha" male, but I know in he would not be attracted to me, especially if he looked like the model in those pix. Frankly, I can't keep up with someone who's so interested in himself, how he looks and acts, obsessed with fitness, and constantly talking about how great he is at work, in bed, and everything else.

    So while there might be a momentary physical attraction, I would suppress it pretty quickly. I'll take a nice average guy any day.

    • I don't think you get it.
      A masculine man will never do that. he is not some narcissistic type rather than showing true love and direct about what he wants.
      What you described is some entitled asshole that have so many insecurities.

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    • @HungLikeAHorsefly ROFL... Yes those are glass pumpkins that were hand blown at a colonial glass furnace near where I live.

    • Honestly, all the "masculine" guys I meet go out of their way to prove how "masculine" they are.

  • Very well put together, I completely agree!

  • Haha... muscular men are very sexy :)

  • Nice take


What Guys Said 7

  • Couldn't help but notice you became very eloquent for this take, whereas usually you can hardly string a sentence together. On a hunch, googled some of what you wrote and it appears that you are copying and pasting from other articles on the internet verbatim such as "7 Things That Women Will Always Be Attracted To". Is stealing other people's work masculine now too?

    • Also "8 Reasons Masculine Men Are Better Lovers Than Nice Guys". To me, it would appear you are stealing other people's work to stroke your own ego, which is a very insecure, childish thing to do. I do believe you wrote ten, as that contains your characteristic lack of punctuation/capitalization/correct spelling.

    • Lolz and with a screen name like WTFLiberals, how'd have thought?

  • Nothing wrong with that.

    They prefer man who denote safety (aplha male) and protection. And we prefer the hot, young, with beautiful bodies and hair to have healty babies/sex.

  • 1. I don't think this one is as important as you make it sound. The way it reads is literally like an adult version of a childish, "I want to be a rock star/astronaut" dream. What women like is a guy who can bring home the bacon. You don't need to be some career desk-jockey wage slave.

    2. This I agree with. This one is key.

    3. Eh... I'm a little on the fence about this. This kinda just seems more like opinion than something tangible. Cute and sexy have nothing to do with details, they have to do with a vibe a girl gives off.

    4. Yeah, I agree. This is pretty important.

    5. Dunno. No comment on this one.

    6. This one is also very important.

    7. This one is worded poorly. Because a, "masculine man" knows how to have fun, but he isn't a reckless retard. He should think about tomorrow, because tomorrow matters. The future matters.

    8. Maybe. I dunno. Again, no comment.

    9. Yeah, I think this one is important. I agree.

    10. Sure, I guess.

  • lol... I don't think any guy will have all 10 traits.

  • ya sounds like women sort of just "exist" in life, while men are expected to "do", accomplish, act

  • Sounds like me

  • masculine men aren't romantic lmao many things written here only a beta could do


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