8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

1) You don’t have to make the first move

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

Feminist women think of themselves equal to men. You don’t always have to make the first move she’ll do that as well. Who knows she may pay for your drinks and then drive you home because you’re drunk af. She’ll protect you from female rapists on streets in lonely nights.

2) You Don’t Have To Pay For Dates

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

Dating a feminist woman puts full stops for the question “Who pays for the first date?”. She’ll always insist to split the bill. And she won’t judge you if you don’t pay. Maybe if you’re dating a feminazi, you’ll save a lot of money because she’ll pay for you to prove her supremacy.

3) She'll make conversations lively

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

A relationship without lively conversations is not a relationship. If you date a feminist woman, you can always have lively debateful conversations. You can start from “How women are oppressed in the west” to “Wage gap is real and I know how to minimize it”. If you don’t want to talk politics, you can debate on sexual topics like “Is homosexuality part of nature or nurture” “Is gender change good option for transgender people?”. Believe me, there is no other interesting talk than sex talk with your girlfriend.

4) You can become stay at home dad

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

You don’t want to work in the office? It’s okay. Unlike traditional women, feminist women love to work and earn for there family! (Don’t call other ladies because you’re home alone) If you want to be stay at home husband, she won’t complain about it. She’d happily work extra hours on your behalf while you’re cooking food and cleaning dishes at home.

5) You can express your emotions freely

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

Did someone catcall you at work? Or Do you think certain community is oppressed? Or Do you want to fight with someone for no reason? Don’t worry, your feminist SO is always there to help you. You can freely share your emotions without any feeling of oppression. Feminist women are generally empathetic and they understand what you're saying. Even if you tell her you got a boner, she’ll know how it feels exactly.

6) You can be free about your sexuality

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

Even if you’re bisexual, gay, transsexual, sexually fluid, pansexual, animosexual, cybrosexual, moneysexual or asexual. Irrespective of your sexuality she’ll accept you, unlike traditional women who will judge you for your sexuality alone and might break up with you if you confess about it. But being transsexual actually increases your chance of dating a feminist woman

7) You don't have to worry about your weight

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist Women

Irrespective of who heavy you are, she'll always love you. And won't even fat shame you. If you get fat, you won't need to worry about burning calories; She'll increase her weight to attain equality.

8 ) You don’t have to worry about condom fail

8 Advantages of Dating Feminist WomenLast but not the least. Feminist women love consuming birth control pills! In my life, I’ve never seen a feminist woman who wasn’t on birth control (don’t ask how do I know) so even if you forget to bring condom with you or if it breaks due to your extra large size, don’t worry, You’re always safe 😉


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  • LMAO Great Take!

  • I love being a feminist!!! haha lol

  • Lame

  • Nice

  • 1, 2, and 5 are 100% me though😂

  • Goodtake Lol.

  • All are good

  • "Irrespective of who heavy you are, she'll always love you. And won't even fat shame you. If you get fat, you won't need to worry about burning calories; She'll increase her weight to attain equality."

    Your satire here is not even funny because it is not even feminist stuff this is SJW stuff. I am a feminist. But I am a "healthy normal weight fit humanbeing" who doesn't like overweight people because it simply shows you are lazy 95% of the time and 5 % of the time it is because prior health condition.

    I made the first move before, and I always pay for myself in the first two three dates. I don't expect men to pay, and if necessary i can pay the whole check as well. I got pregnant with my ex even though I was on bc pills, and I didn't even force on him to have the kid even though I wanted. I respected his decision and I got an abortion I do believe i make the conversations lively not only i am feminist, i am an educated and interesting person who has traveled quite a bit, read quite a bit and all.


    Yeah you can be free about your sexuality, and i respect whatever you are, and i dont care where you stick your penis But i have preferences as well. I dont date bisexual men. Just a preference.

    I think your satire is off the charts, not even funny and I am not even sure why it is on the "hot" list. Total junk.

    • Did I mention it's a satire anywhere in mytake?

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    • I am not “fat feminist”

      You’re sending something else, commenting something else.

      Yes fat people are lazy mostly. They can fuck their heart i dont give a fuck. But i avoid dating them. Equally for bisexuals or black men.

      That’s dating preference it has nothing to do with feminism.

      Yes you mentioned it is satire in your answers to one of the comments. Also one should be stupid to not get your sarcasm.

      However, aren't you the one who wrote the take “dating preferences are not racist” at some point? If it were you, keep yourself consistent a little.

    • Yup I did. Thanks for keeping watch on me, pink Anon.

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