My biggest fear😱😔

Heart break
Heart break

Im really scared to get close to guy because all the guys I dated want to use me for sex.

I have guys messaging me saying they want to have sex with me and send me dick pics and I feel very uncomfortable.

I guess my issue is putting too much trust in the guy too soon or just because I think they are cute means they are loyal.

Its really hard to find a good loyal guy nowadays. This guy I dated recently was in a bed with another girl and he post it on his snapchat. It hurts but I got to be strong.


I want a real relationship where I don't get cheated on or lied to. When I be his one and only and he is mine. I dont want short term because I dont to have a lot of exes. It's hard to get close to a guy because everytime I get close I get hurt over and over. But one day a guy will come around and he will be the one for me.


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