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The End of a Covid Relationship (Part II)

So she blocked me from viewing her page. 24 hours prior I said good luck with her yelling at me again. She posts a pic of her with another guy.

The End of a Covid Relationship (Part II)

This was over ONE TEXT MESSAGE AS A REPLY TO AN EX TO LEAVE ME ALONE the other people who messaged me were RANDOM. My phone does not ring, nor text. But you assume things and harped on the text.. on the worst day of your life... the day your mother was being cremated.

You harped and harped on it Did not let it go, you held grudges, and will hold grudges, you say "your ex texted someone - a wrong number - the day you got engaged. Shouldn't of been that a warning sign to you?

You lump me into that category, and then you post a pic of you and some other guy, thinking Im not going to see it. You move fast. I hope the best for you.

The End of a Covid Relationship (Part II)
The End of a Covid Relationship (Part II)
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  • Moonchild714
    Nucest thing dhe did was Block but she did it as a Momind Game Ployknowing it will bother justvas she knew youbwould see the pic of her with the other Guy. She's Playing Gsmes with you. Now what you should is Block her so she CAN'T Play these Games she is a Classic Head Case!! Menopause does NOT Cause her Behavior!!! I only wish you had Loaned her the Cremation Money because niw you are Out that Money...
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    • @Moonchild714 cremation money... money for the fuses.. money for the gardener... help to pay for the cat food.

    • You're out a lot of money. Never help someone out in a Relationship unless you are together a long time and really know and are Committed to each other

    • @Moonchild714 I thought it was committed. :(

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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Great MyTake of yours thanks for sharing with us, well written and trust me no ex is worth it and I don't want any ex to come back to me :)
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  • Mamaganja
    Covid ruined my LDR relationship to. Though we knew of and would see each other in high school 15 years ago. I have a $400 nonrefundable flight to Germany for October and no use for it other than to see the country. I caught the virus and was literally unable to move my body for almost a week. He assumed I was out doing stuff and ignoring him so he dumped me. So heartbroken... sorry you’re going through it too. It fuckin hurts and sucks.
    • @Mamaganja this was all over 1 text message.. she would not let go. held onto a grudge.

    • Mamaganja

      She probably didn’t like you very much to begin with. That’s at least what I got from my situation.

    • @Mamaganja check my posts or add me so I can send you what happened in an inbox

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  • Pyrofox
    I think you just need to identify she is NO good for you. And leave it at that if she is going to use the relationship as bait. I think its just a sign she never really loved ya. Nice mytake hope things going better man. Sometimes relationships require us to lie to ourselves that its the right choice. And sometimes with a break up ya gotta just do the same thing to get past what could have been. And just lie to yourself again that things will get better when relationships fail. A lot of people like this band for their smash hit Angel with a Shotgun but their song These are the lies got me through my rough break up cause it made me realize how much relationships are often humans lying to themselves. I'd say you will be far more careful of what you do relationship wise here on out and hopefully u will learn from what has gone down. https://www.youtube.com/embed/MJ1cj259Dis
    • @Pyrofox I used the song "Endlessly" as our 1st song. I actually love that song to be honest. She was older to me. But very spiteful I guess. Thank you brother..

  • LemiaOfTheCodes
    Sadly people have a weird reaction to the pedemic mine broke up with me because she didn't know when she could see me. 🤷‍♂️ Although I told her, if the ban was lifted by May I would personally make sure she was able to see me at Comic Con
  • Alwayreckles93
    There is always hope don't get discourage. I bet you got plenty of woman glanced at you and you haven't even notice.
  • DiegoO
    Sorry for that. Feel lucky, you will have another chance with another woman.

    An ex is an ex for a really good reason.
    That sucks. Sorry yo hear that. But maybe its for the best. You deserve better.
  • Oric5
    Refresh me was it online to start then you met her later or have you only had an online relationship?
    • @Oric5 met her on POF, the day after valenetines day we ended up a couple. Its long and winded. I will send it you

    • Oric5

      So you physically hung out

    • @Oric5 for 5 months.. yes...

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  • Ok move on with learning new things an get excercise lije s hour a day helps make us happy
  • sysdefwonder
    Life is like a book. Begin a new chapter.
  • msc545
    Sorry. but - You might have dodged a bullet.
  • MagicalHero212
    Im not sure
  • RXbbrt
    Don’t date white girls ig