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Confessions of A Ladies Man: 3 Dating Profile Signs That She's Not "Long Term" Relationship Material


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Confessions of A Ladies Man: 3 Dating Profile Signs That Shes Not Long Term Relationship Material

1. She Likes to Travel A Lot

That's right. A woman that likes to travel a lot is a HUGE red flag. Nothing wrong with that. But not a woman you want to settle down with. This is someone that wants to lock down a clueless nice guy at home while having several friends with benefits buddies in different continents. It is also a sign that this type of gal is so adventurous that she views the maintenance of a relationship as boring. She is always thirsting for the next new thing. That means guys, you will grow old to her or she will cheat on you with Mr. Sexy Accent. She will never be content with monogamy or you. At the end of the day? The traveling woman will NEVER be the girl who wants to settle down and have kids or be a wife. Swipe Left.

2. She Delays Meeting You for More Than a Week

If a woman has the hots for you then she will meet you right away. Maybe even that night. Don't be fooled by the excuses she gives. Her behavior speaks volumes. No woman is too busy to meet up for a drink or 2 for a couple hours. If she is not giving you quality time? She is probably getting rammed by some other guy she sees as an alpha and you are the nice buddy back up option. If you don't see her within 7 days? The date will never happen. A gal is very creative with her excuses. Dating is a percentage breakdown of possibilities. I don't care what she says. Follow these principles and cut your losses. I PROMISE YOU. There will NEVER be a date.

3. She Wears Hoodies Regularly

That's right I said it. This only applies to straight girls. But A hoodie wearing chic mainly is a girl who is too lazy to put in the work to look her best for you. If she won't do that? Imagine the how committed she will be to being a good girlfriend or wife. There are exceptions. But do you really see a weed smoking tomboy as the mother of your children? A high value guy avoids low value relationships.

There are always exceptions. But TRUST ME.

Confessions of A Ladies Man: 3 Dating Profile Signs That She's Not "Long Term" Relationship Material
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  • MysteriousDarkness
    Look it's the dude who believes he knows everything about everyone woman based on what his few female friends have told him. You believe that you know everything a woman is going to say and or do even before she knows what she will say and or do.

    A lot of women who have settled down and have a family love to travel.

    People have lives of their own and things come up or happen but according to you no reason is good enough to keep her from seeing the guy if she is interested in him. I bet if the woman ended up in the hospital within the first week of talking with the guy you wouldn't see it as a reason to put off seeing the guy that week.

    A lot of women wear hoodies especially when it gets cold out but not cold enough for a winter coat. Women can look beautiful in them as well. What makes you think a woman should be dressed up for example wearing a cocktail dress and heels all the time? That would be like saying a guy should always wear a suit, dress shirt, tie and dress shoes. I belive a person should dress for the occasion.
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  • zagor
    Garbage post. First of all, very few women past college fit #3, unless they're surfers, so it is largely useless.

    #2, I've often had to postpone meeting someone I met online for weeks; I used to travel a lot for work so was out of town, or was sick, or had other obligations. I would assume the same might hold true for women. So your assumptions are likely false.

    #1, you would be avoiding active, adventurous women if favor of dull, unimaginative kitchen slaves. So you would probably the one who got bored and wound up cheating. Give me a girl who knows something about the world.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Marushka
    I don't think you're qualified to give dating advice...

    Couples can travel together? It's a lot of fun? It doesn't mean she fucks around while travelling. Maybe she's interested in different cultures. Ffs maybe she could even plan great family holidays with her kids and husband?

    If something important is up that she can't make it within a week that's that. Sure maybe it's because she's not interested but you never know what's happening in the private live of a person.

    Bruh? Hoodie? Not only can they be hot with certain styles but what's wrong with enjoying a more casual and comfortable style? Maybe she just prioritises other things than looking sexy?

    How about looking for someone with similar interests and values who will enjoy a similar life style instead?
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Yeah you back alright, and with the same dribble as before🤣🤣You still have no real clue about real women... A woman who loves to travel is a red flag.. So what about the women who love to travel with their spouse and children? 🤔 You wouldn't know a real red flag even if it flapped in your face🤣🤣🤣Follow your own clueless opinions/ advice about women, but you should really stop trying to advize men about women with your misguided views already...
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    • Im not sure who your being rude to but , if some one is clueless it may be why they are using this app , I'm not an expert, but that's why I've come to a forum to share ideas so I'm not clueless and think I know it all yet know nothing , we are all here to better our spirits and it's an upward motion or a spiral down to total cluelessness,, give everyone a chance, no ones Totally perfect

    • @DarylRoberts
      Maybe you should read more of his posts before you reply saying I'm rude... Yes some people come to this site for actual help, actual advice, actual opinions... And some people just use this site to bash the opposite sex, or stir up controversy...
      Misleading people out of bias or hatred don't help anyone

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  • WonderBell99
    Ah, never knew you were capable of writing satire.

    Are you still calling yourself a ladies man? I would go by Reddit Man if I were you.

    Why would I look my best for someone else? I’m going to look my best for myself. I’m not a goddamn Barbie doll to look my best at all times. Yes, I will wear a hoodie when I’m home alone with my man. You do realize that hoodies were made for comfort, right?

    I do like traveling. I have traveled to many countries in Europe and my parents were planning on a trip to Finland before this pandemic. If travelling is considered as cheating, you must have never spoken to a woman in your life except your mother. Since I’m not working, I prioritize my studies over my partner. I believe my partner should do the same if he wanted to get into a good college. Believe it or not, everyone has a life besides their partners. A good partner is someone who has their own life and makes time for their partner. I will clear my schedule for my boyfriend and he will do the same.

    I can say with the utmost confidence that you, sir, are definitely not a high value male. You are nothing but a bitter misogynistic troll who has no life besides GaG.
  • TruthBringer
    I can vouch for #1. I've seen what girls who travel do. Some fucked up shit and no one back home knows about it at all. So whenever I meet a girl who travels a lot, but not in a family situation, I instantly get suspicious. And when I find out she travels to go party, it is an instant next.
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    • How is travel a huge red flag? I mean are you stupid? Air flight attendants, high business executives, etc. .. many careers require lots of travel.

    • @APrettyLittleLady87 "are you stupid". If you're not willing to hold a mature discussion, then I won't be wasting more time on you. It means that I am skeptical to women traveling the world to "find themselves". Often means that they go fuck around in other countries to save face back home. And I've seen this happen with my own two eyes numerous times. Flight attendants are definitely a group I will never date because they are also notorious for having multiple people in different parts of the world stringed along. Not all, but many do. And for that reason alone I won't bother.

      Traveling itself is not bad. It depends on the CONTEXT to why someone travels. A girl who goes on vacations with her family is not something I would consider a red flag. But girls who go clubbing in other countries instantly get disqualified for a relationship in my book.

    • @TruthBringer - what country are you in, typical Americans don't travel beyond their little spheres.

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  • Just4ThisNow2
    These are interesting interpretations. It is great to hear your thoughts. Might there be other explanations or considerations (beyond mere exceptions)?

    1) Travel. Who doesn’t love to travel? Often, this reflects one’s interests and aspirations rather than to reflect infidelity tendencies. This can also represent a stage in one’s life rather than to depict a red flag. I wish that I had the time, money, or energy to travel everywhere. At an earlier stage of my life, this was easier. Let’s hope that it becomes easier, again, later in life. I’d be more concerned about someone who voiced a disinterest in travel, wanting to only stay at home, or more overt xenophobia.

    2) Delays meeting you for 1+ weeks. Although a significant delay may be cause for concern, wanting to meet immediately that very moment may also represent relationship instability tendencies in one who might struggle with delayed gratification whether this represent someone who only wants sex, has Borderline Personality Disorder, or far less concerning traits. It can help to get to know someone a little before meeting up. This doesn’t necessarily represent a lack of interest or red flag. Both partners should feel able to have a comfortable, relaxed, and forthcoming discussions upon timing. If not, it might represent trust issues, indecisiveness, fear of living up to expectations, or other factors.

    3) Hoodies. This should be paired with a seemingly unusual question, “How large are her breasts?” If they’re small, you might have a point. If they’re disproportionately large for her body, might she have received unwanted attention from others throughout her life over her breasts?

    I’m not trying to be a contrarian. Simply, there might be other factors to consider.
  • shaysh87
    A guy who brags about being "in relationship" with 30 different women a year but never ever has one that can last- this is a red flag. And its hilarious how this guy is offering "dating advice" to GAG.
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    • It's a sad point but if your a Muslim you can go out to a disco and pick up the whole club and still be cool in mahamads eyes , personally I think it's morally wrong , but I believe mahamad had to get his book out someway so entice his moment he tought his followers to not edjucate their women and keep them in the dark , while to have 20 wife's is the norm (a harem) but it did appeal to a lot of men and got his book out , lol slack

  • VV3ZZY
    Dude.. "ladies man?" Really...
    It sounds like it just wasn't the right fit. You gotta find a girl who also hates to travel too. I hate traveling! I won't date a girl who likes traveling a lot because I just dont want to be stuck at airports, motels and tourist traps. But to each their own.
  • AngelBritney
    The first point reminded me of that German beauty Youtuber girl who is famous. Has 2 kids and recently cheated on her husband. She also loves to travel a lot.
    But I don't think that you can apply the love for travel as a red flag to everyone. It really depends on the person. But it's ok, it's a red flag for YOU because YOU collected those experiences.
    • Travel is a huge red flag. Red flag doesn't mean they are a bad person or that it definitely applies to them. It just means something to watch out for. And if someone has a bunch of red flags why invest a lot of time into them when you can just find someone with no red flags?

    • @bamesjond0069 How is travel a huge red flag? I mean are you stupid? Air flight attendants, high business executives, etc. .. many careers require lots of travel.

  • EmbraceThePain
    I don’t really agree with 1 & 3, although can they be true at times? Sure

    #2 seems like it makes more sense to me and that I can stand behind believing.
  • EssenceOfLight
    You have forgotten number one. She treats you like an adorable friend or her brother she fucks with but the person below the facade you're is absolutely irrelevant for her

    "But TRUST ME.'
    Sure... lel
  • 007kingifrit
    in my experience at least #1 is true. there is no need to travel it is a vapid empty minded activity for those who do not understand worldly is just a word. travel doesn't make one wiser... only suffering can do that
  • Anonymni
    Is this real or a joke?

    So according to this I am not
    And "Long Term" Relationship Material. Okay sounds great. Especially that all my relationships were long term and not ended because of any of this crap.
    And also I should tell my current boyfriend, that our first date never happened. We met after 2 weeks of writing first. Sorry that I wanted to first make sure that I´m not seeing some creep who would hurt me.
    And never thought that me wearing hoodies means I´m weed smoking tomboy :D and that I won´t be committed as a girlfriend/wife. Like if my looks is all that makes me a good girlfriend...
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  • Zenit93
    The arrogance you have astounds me for someone who showcases that has such little interpersonal communication skills. You’re not a ladies man and you’re not fooling anyone
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  • Aerissa_Jade
    I have travelled a lot, not over sea's. Even lived six months last year working remotely in my trailer, and moving around... yet I got married and now my husband and I are going to travel together this year, doing the same thing. Both work remote and when not working, go see sights... so #1 is pretty wrong with me.

    2 is kind of true, with exceptions... may not be she is with another guy, could be she is just really busy... but can't find time to go see him right away but if it goes too long, then she isn't interested.
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    • #1 may or may not apply to you. But it definitely applies to many other girls/women out there. And I speak from experience/observation. Lots of young women especially do some crazy shit that they wouldn't want anyone to know about back home. And I've seen it happen with my own eyes. That doesn't disqualify what Apope says.

    • @TruthBringer 95% of people on dating apps are not interested in long-term relationships. Only an idiot thinks they are. Most people use dating apps like how others use a bar or a club. Quick, easy hookups.

    • @APrettyLittleLady87 Not sure what dating apps have to do with what I've said. We aren't discussing dating apps.

  • Uptowngirl88
    The only thing I got from this post is that you're boring and she's adventurous.
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    • Agreed!

    • He is very blah and boring. I couldn't be with a man who wasn't interested in traveling. Then the comment about hoodies was dumb 🙄. Woken who work out or athletic wears hoodies. I bet u he's single. Dude is mad weird

  • exitseven
    I hit the trifecta on this one, right down to the hoodie. Where were you thirty years ago while I was dealing with this?
  • IveGotNoName
    "But do you really see a weed smoking tomboy as the mother of your children?" Did you really just say that?
  • APrettyLittleLady87
    @Apope16 - 95% of people on dating apps are not interested in long-term relationships. Only an idiot thinks they are. Most people use dating apps like how others use a bar or a club. Quick, easy hookups.

    I am attractive in real life. I have men double stare or turn and look. I've used dating apps on and off for years just to see what all the hype is. I never went on "dates" because it was obvious within the first few hours - and with short conversations - what sort of people are on the site. And that most are not long-term material.
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    • With dating sites which for some may be the only way to possibly meet someone , and girls should know the power of their pussy and how you can lead a man on , I've tried toany times on dating sites , I read the ones with a small introduction of what they are after , them there's the profiles with just they naughty picture , how bout the one that says in her profile that she wouldn't want a guy to sit his fat arse down on her couch and just hang around ,, geez if I had a girl just to be somewhere close in another room that would be awesome,, we all need our time with our selfs , but this shit about a traveling girl, won't settle down , the way I look at it we are all on a journey and if I couldnt tag up with a girl who likes to travel , or a girl who has already settled and has bought her own home , the point I'm trying to say is that you have to be open to a realationship , I smoke but if I had a good women to give it up for I might , so many people cut them selfs off becourse of one little flaw in a person, well they miss out , we are not made of concrete or steal, but more like clay that has to be molded into something good , if you can't see yourself growing together with someone then you must be seeing it as growing apart with

  • petitedollbabee
    I love how the assumption for travel is that she's always going alone, and not inviting her boyfriend to come along. And yes, some women really are too busy to get drinks last minute. They need to schedule things out. I'm not going to clear my schedule for some random. And I wear hoodies when it's cold because that's what you do when it's cold enough to need cover but not so cold you need a coat. Welcome to countries that actually get winter. I’m glad I’m safe from guys who actually think this way 😧
    • DavidRaul

      Lol, i really feel bad for this guy making some stupid assumptions

  • notwoke
    I don't disagree but these are not the biggest red flags:

    1. Genetics or habits that drive weight gain
    2. Bad with money
    2. Withholds sex or other sexual hang ups
  • DarylRoberts
    You point out some very true traits there , thanks 👍, for enlightening me a bit , so true ,
  • Avicenna
    the first thought going through my head when her profile says she likes to travel is that maybe she is saying she expects the guy to pay for their trips together. If she regularly travels for her job, that’s a dealbreaker since it greatly increases the chances she’s cheating on those trips.
    Not meeting her for a week means little. We already know everyone on these dating apps is talking to multiple people and going on dates with multiple people if not doing hookups. Maybe she feels she needs to see that you’re interested enough in meeting her to communicate over several days’ time and she wants to feel comfortable about meeting up with you.
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