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My Personal Red Flags


Please note that I’m not dating anymore because I’m happily taken 😅
These are just examples of the red flags I would be looking for if I was dating again.

I’m leaving out the obvious red flags like physical abuse or obvious signs of cheating. I think we’re all on the same page about those things.
Some of these flags listed aren’t meant to be taken too seriously. Theyre mostly for shits and giggles.

“Straight” Guys in the closet / Guys who want something ‘low key’

There were times I have dated (nothing serious) or messed around with “straight” dudes who weren’t out yet in high school. They were always the guys who would turn on you out of nowhere. One second it’s “I really like spending time with you teehee 😜” and then it’s “ew I never said that, you’re a f*g 😡”

Of course that was high school, people are more insecure about their sexuality as teens so I kinda get it. But today, I’m too grown to be somebody’s ‘secret,’ and you’re too grown to be afraid to admit that you’re gay when you have a whole boy toy on the side. You’re a homo bro, it’s okay.

My Personal Red Flags

-They have more than 10k followers on social media

You don’t just organically gain 10k followers, you had to put effort into growing your account. To get 10k followers, you need to CARE about having 10k followers.

I know people who are trying to be ‘Influencers’ and they’re absolutely obnoxious. They’re obsessed with how they look and how other people think they look, they think they’re the shit because they get a lot of likes, and their DMs are filled with thirsty people trying to get with them which also gives them a huge ego boost. And they almost never have any personality.
These little influencers are really out here thinking they’re Beyoncé because their TikTok dance got a thousand likes 🤨

(This really only applies to those who have clout from posting their selfies. It’s different if they have a lot of attention from art or another talent)

My Personal Red Flags

This red flag also applies to “Facebook comedians”

People who try really hard to make funny statuses go viral on Facebook (or Twitter). Especially when they COPY AND PASTE another persons status. Do you know how fucking BOLD you have to be to copy and paste a status that 40 thousand people already shared? For some LIKES? I’m embarrassed for you. I’m embarrassed BY you.

Using any of the following emojis

“ 😈👿😂🤣💯”

Absolutely not. Do NOT use these emojis while texting me because I will end the conversation. Blocked. Reported for hate speech.

Moving things too quickly

A long time ago I was talking to this guy that I met on Tinder. We were texting and FaceTiming here and there but it was nothing serious. I could tell he really liked me and wanted to take things further but we never even met before so I wasn’t THAT into him yet..
He invited me to meet him for the first time but he failed to mention it was at a family event. This dude introduced me to his family, the first day we met. Not the first day we were dating, the first day we MET. I thought that was super fucking weird.

he also lied about his height LMAOOOO. Maybe if he was taller I would of gave it another chance 🙄 (just kidding…sorta)

His friends are hoes and cheaters

If his friends are for the streets, then HE’S for the streets. Stay safe out there.

My Personal Red Flags

Or if he doesn’t have friends at all.

If you don’t have ANY friends, then there’s most likely something wrong with you. Not only that but if they don’t have friends of their own, they usually end up being super attached and obsessive because they have nobody else to talk to. 🥴

They only listen to ONE genre of music

Then every other genre of music is “trash” to them. It’s especially a red flag if the only genre they listen to is mumble rap. You want to tell me that my music is trash but your number one Spotify artist is NBA Youngboy? The nerve, the audacity, the gall, and the gumption.
Honestly being a fan of NBA Youngboy is something that’s a red flag by itself and I’m not even joking about that.

My Personal Red Flags

If he wears jeans with those ugly lines on them

I want everyone reading this to please follow these instructions. If you own a pair of these jeans then please proceed to take them out of your closet and burn them.
Not only are they the ugliest pants I've ever seen, but every man I met who wears these, was a douchebag.

My Personal Red Flags

If he wears a wife beater in public

First of all, who came up with that name? 😭

and I don’t even have a ‘second of all’, it’s just ugly.

My Personal Red Flags

If he doesn’t like cats

Men who like cats are superior. Cat guys > dog guys. I don’t trust people who don’t like cats. sorry, not sorry.

My Personal Red Flags

They don’t drink water

I’m surprised by how many people admit they don’t drink water. First of all, you probably stink. Second of all, if you think I’m going to go down on you when I know all you live off of is Mountain Dew and Big Macs, then you’re sadly mistaken. I know your nut tastes disgusting. It’s probably toxic. Are you trying to kill me? 🤨

My Personal Red Flags

They don’t care about my interests

I know that you’re not going to like everything that I like. But when you’re in a relationship, I think at least PRETENDING to care is really important. I don’t want to date someone who constantly talks about themself and their interests but tells me they “don’t care” when it comes to mine. My partner talks about shit I don’t care about all the time, but I listen and engage in the conversation because I know they’re talking about a topic that makes them happy.

My Personal Red Flags

I definitely have other red flags, but I can’t think of anymore right now. So yeah that’s it, bye 💀

My Personal Red Flags
My Personal Red Flags
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  • Valso

    There's another red glag which I don't know if you have encountered yet but I have: guys, pretending to be gay, havin grindr accounts and all signs for being gay but when the cock shoves the ass, they suddenly become straight and run like hell. Such guys, in my country at least, always wear sports branded clothing: car branded leather jackets or training suits - Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Formula 1 brands and pilots' names, soccerball team names, etc. There's another story sort of related to this one about these particular car brands but I'll have to go into a deep offtopic here in order to explain why these brands, so I'll just skip it and leave it at that.

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  • exitseven

    Interesting MyTake. I have been married for a long time but being on this site has made me think about my past relationships. I pretty much dated the same person and they were all pretty conventional. They went to college, were athletic, had small body counts or were virgins and had no criminal past or drug use. The outlier was a bartender I dated. Her life revolved around drinking and she was always i some kind of jam. Either her car was dead or else she couldn't pay the rent. It was a lot of fun for a while but I guess she had many red flags that I just chose to ignore. I am glad I had the experience.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • wheresmrcunnunglis

    Pretty fun read and applaud your strong stance on each point. The only thing I disliked was your view on one who has no friends meaning that there's something wrong with them or that they will be clingly. Usually those who have experienced having no friends are the most confident and self assured people ever. As they not only survived but thrived while not having friends. Resulting in them loving their own company and ultimately themselves. In relationships that can translate to them knowing when space is needed and actually REQUIRING it to maintain their sense of self and not feeling suffocated.

    Speaking from experience on that one.

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  • _deeznuts

    this is possibly the best mytake i have ever seen😭

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  • WhitneySnow

    I use some of those emojis 😂. Luckily, I don’t think I’m your target audience.

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  • MikeInHawaii

    1) Smoking (It shows zero resistance to peer pressure.)
    2) Binge drinking
    3) Drug use
    4) Male bashing/projecting your exe’s behavior on to me. If he has been to prison and I’ve been to graduate school, we aren’t alike.
    5) Liberal politics. We’re probably incompatible.
    6) More interest in my car/job/income than in me.

  • shaysh87

    the list you provided shows you really have no real life experience or wisdom to offer. Wearing a wife beater or ripped jeans in no way proves a guy is an asshole

  • Pejtu

    I mean not everybody likes animals - thats one i personally hate small dogs

    Drinking water - are u insane u can drink tea, coffe Ice tea Orange juice or whatever the fuck is left - thats the dumbest red flag I've seen someone mention

    I would not date someone who drinks alcohol on the weekends/ regurarly because i never do, i only drink once a year on NYE if i have to

    • Nah I’m sorry but people who don’t drink water are GROSS. They’re gross, I can’t help it 💀

  • Smoke-n-Growls

    Really liking this list, and there's stuff on here I need to work on (I drink too much coffee, not enough water).

    Question, tho - why the emojis?

  • annabananna

    I like to date guys that like animals in general so both cats and dogs. I dated a cat guy that way super toxic and I found out he abused my dog when I wasn’t looking. Cute list though and the pants cracked me up.

  • Lyndsielee666

    Side note. My cousin used to wear wife beaters and my five year old self was CONVINCED he beat his wife… he was 10… 😒

  • FictionalCharacter

    Why didn’t you title the post “red flags about guys”. Cause at first I thought it was directed towards general people.

    • I mean usually people talking about red flags are talking about them in terms of a relationship, so I assumed it was clear that these are red flags towards the gender I’m attracted to 🤠

    • You’ve stated you’re bi, so I thought you meant both genders at first

    • I’m physically attracted to women but I only date men

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  • JamesDiaz11

    Red flags I watch out for in a guy friend: That they're a mentally-ill sodomite.

  • Blackcosmo

    LMAO some of these were super funny but some of them are relatable.
    Best MyTake!

  • Whatever2929292

    Some of these are pretty shallow. Not going to lie.

  • GlassTop

    Nice list but dogs are better than cats. But I’m a straight guy so I don't know. That’s probably a red flag.

  • anon1903

    I love how you were rude but the message got across — want oral? Stay hydrated!

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  • 007kingifrit

    most of these are exactly as petty and unimportant as what i would expect from the emotionally damaged known as gays

    • If you don’t drink water and have boring music taste, just say that 😩😩😩

  • SenseiSeptred

    One of mine is the use of hairdye and haircutting tools by them. It is inherent in the clan structure that I belong to.

  • msc545

    My cat Allister definitely votes for the "likes cats" one as do I. The stuff about clothes and music, not so much.

  • Jamie05rhs

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that "NBA Youngboy" isn't in the NBA. Am I right?

    • No he's a rapper lol. The NBA in his name stands for “never broke again”

    • Jamie05rhs

      Lol. That's what I thought.

    • Jamie05rhs

      And I guarantee you he WILL be broke again. After he shoots somebody and has to hire a lawyer. Even before then he probably will have spent the majority of his money on clothes and dental accessories.

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  • nickmajor_1998

    That's true! But I like both dogs AND cats. I also turned into something else when I graduated.

  • daisydukeso

    so true

  • Telekinetic-Potato

    Haha yeaaaaa

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