Dating during high school/college?

I go to a really small high school of about 360 students Freshman-Senior. Many of the teachers are pretty conservative and are more than willing to share their opinion (whether asked to or not.)

One teacher in particular isn't afraid to give her input in what she believes the students should/shouldn't do.

During one of her English classes, she told her students (all high school seniors ages 17-19) that they shouldn't date in high school or college because they need to "experience life." Do you agree with her?

I believe that people SHOULD date in high school and college to learn to understand others and develop relationships.

Is dating at a young age a "hindrance" to the individual and their development?


Is it beneficial to their future?


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  • What she means is especially for girls, dating in high school or college can screw you up in the long run if you chose the wrong guy, and given the options you likely will. Most (and I have a lot of guy friends I could probably recommend 1 or 2 out of my 50+ guy friends to a girl to date) guys dont mature enough to the point of being able to have a relationship till waaay later. They don't know what they want in life, dont know how to treat a girl, no direction and want to get laid as much as possible. So you see that if you do date one of these guys, being new to dating you're going to fall for him, hard, and he'll likely end up fucking you over by either cheating on you, playing with your heart, or you'll just trick your heart into accepting him for what he is even though your brain in telling you to leave and eventually when it all goes bad you'll have a certain fear of dating for the rest of your life/ you won't take guys seriously. So I agree with your teacher in that you should definetly be more wary about who you date in high school and college because the mental capacity of both girls and guys isn't there. Girls risk getting hurt and sticking with that for their entire life (not to mention when you're that young you don't really know what you want). Guys can mature faster if theyre single and actually get a direction in life and a purpose. Anyway Ill get off the pedestal now...

    • Wow! Thank you so much :) As I was reading your response, I thought of some girls I know that could really benefit from your answer. Well, including myself. I'm going to college in a few months, and I wasn't sure if I should wait to date or start a few months in. Your answer definitely made me reconsider...

      Again, thank you for responding :)

    • Yeah wait till college. Also I'd wait till second semester especially if you're going to live on campus since first semester all guys want to do is screw around. Also might want to look into dating someone third or 4th year, you might have better luck.

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  • It would have been better if you made this a poll, that way you can have a visual aid to help put this in perspective.

    I agree with your teacher. When you get older, especially, you start realizing how petty people are. The sooner you start in relationships the more absorbed you are in them and it stunts your growth. You're too busy looking inward to see how ridiculous, incompatible, and dysfunctional your relationships are.

    Now, this isn't universal but it happens with a lot of people. I totally believe you can have two high school sweethearts marry and grow old together, if they fit each other well and have the same world view. But the majority aren't like that. Just look around and you'll see. So yeah, it's best to hang back and observe.

  • I think dating is part of 'experiencing life'. And you'll NEVER have a better opportunity to meet people of the opposite sex in similar life situations as you will in HS and college. ASk any 26 year old man/woman how their dating options are compared to a 20 year old.

    • Hmm, that definitely made me think a little bit.. I didn't consider the fact that people in high school and college could have similar life situations at the time...

      Thank you :)

  • Depends on what you want. Elite career? Don't date until 25. Relationships and mediocre career? Date whenever.

    • I understand that. Considering what I'll be working towards for a career, looks like I'll be single for a while :P

    • Makes sense. Just know that if you go career you'll be really rushed in your 20s to find someone and it will be tough.

  • I agree with your teacher. If you do settle down quickly and all, marriage and baby's come after and its not easier to travel and do what you want with them.. Im getting a little ahead but i think its okay to date but i think you should be more focused on setting up your life and then focusing on dating and stuff when your out of college and have a good job and have done all that you wanna do

  • I'd say its fine to date in every year of high school but the last; whoever you date in high school is most likely not the person you're going to marry, so there's really no point to it.
    But it is good to learn a few things from other relationships before you get into your final one.

  • I think you should date in high school and college


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