Girls, what are some messages you like to receive on online dating sites?

What are some messages that would stand out and show that I'm not some guy who fell in love with your pictures or want some booty call?

I hear girls get a lot of BS messages, so I'd imagine they are less likely to give guys a chance.


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  • I like the message to be short and involve some reference to what I've actually WRITTEN in my profile (lengthy poems about the lashes of my left fucking eye would impress me less than four sentences that show that the guy actually managed to read my hobbies section and also likes the zombie genre). Needless to say I want them to be actually into it (more like "oh, you like TWD, how about that one episode where that bitch *fansknowwhothatis* died because of *andtheyknowwhathappenedtoher*" than "oh, zombies. Kinda cool. My third cousin mentioned this one zombie series one time, wanna fuck?") Plus, asking for a video chat IN THE FIRST MESSAGE weirds me out a bit.

    • I agree! This definitely always makes me want to answer. :D

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    • how many messages do you get from guys on those things?

    • *used to get, I don't have an account anymore... I used to get 1-3 messages a day though, 5-6 tops.

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  • yeah i want to see some of their answers. because i have tried everything with my messages and have yet to get a response

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