I feel bad that I talked so much about myself. Should I even care?

My guy friend and I haven't talked in days, I messaged him because of course I didn't want to lose touch.
So I just sent him a pic of what's going on in the moment as a convo starter and we talked about what I was doing. Then I asked him about him and that's as far as it went, just a little snippet. He said what he was up to, wasn't much and I just feel like I could have asked him more but I didn't want to be too chatty, didn't want to make him have to talk, etc.
To be honest, it was him that kept asking me questions about what I sent him! I just hate to talk too much about myself and hope it didn't come off as anything bad. We haven't talked as much lately and it was the most we have said in like two weeks and it was all about me. I hope I'm just thinking too much into it.


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  • Doesn't seem so but when in doubt, cut the dull stuff short & ask... and what about you? before talking more about self. Better than having nothing to say and more entertaining than TV these days.


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