Guys/men, help me make this happen!?

Alright, so there's a guy I work with and he's in LA but he's single and I like him. I know that he likes me, since we work together maybe that's why he holds back... I should be hearing from him on our next project and that means I'd get him here in town he he he.

What do I say when he calls me tonight to get it across that I'm into him?

Something like -

Are you still looking as handsome as the last time you were here?

How does that sound?

Usually not big on a girl making the first move, but it's my life and I want progress lol


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  • It's work so don't play games. Be honest and polite. "I feel an attraction blah blah, was wondering if you do too, blah blah, how would you prefer to proceed?"

    • Wow I feel to shy to go that far LOL

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    • Again, it's work so I'd be direct. Just be like "I kinda feel like maybe we have some chemistry? Or maybe I'm just imagining." Done.

    • Okay, okay! LOL

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