possible communication issues? maybe he just isn't good with online communication?

so me and this guy are going ice skating this weekend.. yay!! i really like him and i think he likes me too.
i asked him if he wanted to hang out again on April 20th and he said yes! we were trying to find something fun to do and we decided on ice skating this weekend. HOWEVER, just planning on ice skating took until the 26th! its all on Facebook and i know he doesn't get on that much. but seriously? 6 days?
then when we decided and he asked me if this weekend was a good time to go and if he could have my number.
i said yes to both of those things and gave him my number.
he read the message and hasn't responded. which is cool. i dont care. he has my number so he can text me!
BUT he hasn't responded or texted me since Saturday... i dont know which day exactly, that we are going ice skating, he doesn't know where i live to pick me up and non of the specifics have been spoken of. i know he wants to go because he said he's excited to go and he loves ice skating.

why haven't i heard anything?

on Facebook he took 2-3 days to respond which is reasonable since he barely gets on but now he has my number..
his phone is weird too like he can't receive calls or anything and i think he can call people but im pretty positive he can text.

should i shoot him another message to ask for the specifics? or should i just wait until he replies/texts me?


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  • he doesn't seem interested to respond back

    • he said he was really excited to go tho and when we first hung out we had a great time! i mean it was from 10pm to 4 am...

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    • *thanks for MH

    • yeah but it doesn't matter haha i like someone else way more and i have for longer anyway haha
      and you're welcome!

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  • i think he met someone else

    • neither of us are in a relationship with each other or anyone else and it hasn't beeen classified as a "date", we're just hanging out as friends as far as we're both concerned

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    • ill be sure to post them and let you know!

    • we didn't go haha he never responded but its okay! i like someone else more anyway

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