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Why do men get angry when an older man stares of flirts with their sister or daughter? If they were single and had the opportunity to date an 18 year old they probably would, so why do they hate if an older man flirts or looks at their sister or daughter? Most men would rather their daughter or sister date a guy their age rather then an older man, why? I'm not criticising, I'm just wondering why? Sorry if this is a stupid question I'm just wondering? Thankyou


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  • Men are inherently protective of their girls. This includes sisters, daughters and female friends.

    Part of it is because we care. It's also because we know men are dirty little bastards. The stuff that I would do to an 18 year old girlfriend...well...let's just say I don't want another version of myself defiling the girls among my family and friends.

    The feeling is especially strong among fathers protecting their daughters. Often, when girls reach puberty and take interest in a boy, we know that the early relationships will fail and she'll be heartbroken over and over again through most of high school. Dads get angry when boys hurt their daughter, so especially in their teens, no boy is good enough for our little princesses.

    For brothers and sisters, it's the same thing.

    For guys and a girl friend, it's quite different. Often, when guy/girl buddies aren't dating, there is still some level of physical and sexual attraction, despite being in the friendzone. Men act protective of their girl buddies, but more often than not, the guys secretly would like to be with the girl (or at the very least, give her a test drive in bed). So they don't really want other men fiddling with their friends, as there is a certain level of jealousy involved.


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  • I', 29 but have no kids and I can tell you I personally don't feel right talking to girls who are 18ish or so unless I've like known them in a platonic way from childhood and such.

    The thing is, there's a stigma of older men who are really just looking for sex with younger girls in a creepy way. Like I remember on Judge Judy this way older guy and this really young girl were up and the guy was suing for stuff the girl was saying were gifts and judge judy basically sad "I know what this is about."

  • That is not true. Yes, there are those guys that want young women but they are in the minority. I am 45 years old. There is nothing a woman in her 20's has to say that I am going to relate to at all. SO the only thing I would get out of it is a big ego boost from the sex. but it would have to be "just close your mouth (unless it is open to blow me) and take off your clothes". I just have no interest. The guys I know all feel the same way.
    So would we screw the 18 yr old if we were single and she offered? absolutely. but I don't want a relationship.
    The best thing I have ever heard as far a what age range is your minimum is to take half your age and add 7 years. I still think that is a bit young but I think that is a good minimum judge.

  • most guys know what most guys think about when they are looking at girls. they aren't typically thinking boy she looks a great potential wife and mother of my children.

    So we get protective.


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