In relationships, are men slightly more likely to break up over many things?

Well thought in a past relationship, I have broken up but it was really some something very serious he did (more than cheating). I get the feeling that unless it's something bad such as cheating, getting abused or as bad as lying during the whole relationship about loving you, we tend to want to work things out first and then decide if it's worth our time.

Many guys tend to break up over almost every single type of thing they considered as being disrespectful, if it's something insignificant. Or they the woman makes the same mistake a second time (nothing to do with cheating), he's more likely to already break up than vice-versa. I get that guys generally don't like drama nor little plots, but it's like they give up too fast for any little disrespect whereas women put up with so much more.

I'm guessing it's all about ego, pride and self-respect for many men. They are taught this at a very early age and not many women are taught this.
I have never seen in my life a guy who isn't married putting up with a lot of drama from a girl.
Not even close to the rate some women put up with from their bfs. With marriages, it's kinda different; unless it doesn't involve infidelity many men want to work the marriage out than give up.


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  • Well for me it is about respect. If she does not respect me how can we have any kind of relationship. Why would she even want to be in a relationship with a guy she does not respect. but I am a very different kind of guy. I have only dated 9 women in my life (I am 45). I was with my wife for 25 years until she divorced me. I started dating 1.5 months ago and have gone out with 4 women. I ended a relationship for the first time ever with the 2nd woman I dated. I have never broken up with a woman before. either we never made it to a 2nd date or they always dumped me. and it was because I just had no connection with her. In a week we had 4 dates and sex on the 3rd and 4th date and I still didn't feel any kind of connection. sO I knew if I continued to see her it would have just been for sex. i couldn't do it. I am with an amazing woman right now. So I am taking this very slow. we have had 4 dates. we kiss. as a matter of fact she kissed me for our first kiss on our 2nd date. that was very nice. I am hoping we are together a long time.

    • Wow 25 years married? That must be a lot of working it out. For some reason, marriage has recently started freaking me out at times esp the part of ''staying for the rest of your life with them''.

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    • Wow both of you were very young. Yes, it's scary that nowadays slightly more than 50% of marriages end up in divorce. I think at times, maybe just falling in love might not be enough and the marriage can suddenly get stale esp if it feels like a routine.
      Sorry to hear about your divorce. Hopefully you do last with your latest date and find your happiness.

    • The last statistic I saw was 63%. I don't know if that was world or just USA. and it is growing.

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  • Men are taught respect, honor and duty. A man who falls in love is emotionally preparing himself to TAKE A BULLET if he has to. A Man does not like to be disrespected. As it's becoming popular to view men as idiots. It's funny because the world forces a Mans "role" onto the family when income is needed and work to be done but respect is not returned. You don't make someone the "leader" and then insult them. How can someone "lead" when they are made to feel stupid and not good enough?

    men leave because they know women will always have another guy lined up. Another relationship handed to them. So when a man knows he is at the "throw away stage" in a womans mind he stops caring Or tries to fix it. But once he begins to chase is the moment a woman no longer cares.

    Duty and Honor will never mean the same thing to a woman as they do a man. (By Man and Woman I mean values, not actual people ). Men are taught and have those morals forced into their heads from when they are young. Look at Super heroes. Batman does whats needed and whats right No matter what happens. Yet all the female Civilian characters to come into his life leave him and so on. Women are taught to replace. They are taught to look for the best, there are plenty fish in the sea. And of course the moment you are born you are something.

    A Man is NOTHING in society, he is only what he DOES. A Woman is valued just for being born. A great saying goes like this.

    WOmen spend their entire lives having fun. They have sweet 16's, 21, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and so on. The 20s are their "selfish years" Everything is a party. Once a woman hits 30 she sees she is being replaced by the younger generation. Boom reality hits and they "grow up".

    Men are hit with reality the moment they hit 5 years old. We tie that blanket around our necks. Jump off the bed pretending to be a super hero and SMACK. Reality sinks in. We try to hold onto those morals into our teens ( read next.)

    • (next) But after being dumped, cheated on and so on we stop caring. The More women a man has been with the more he sees what women do. The only way for a man to become "Alpha" to be the "jock" is to look at women the same way they view us. No more getting hurt or caring. We join in the party quickly hoping we will find a woman to make us feel that duty we once had. But time and time again no matter how heart broken the girl is we "save" she will get up and go back to the party. or a bigger and better Jock will come along and grab her attention. ( jock as in mr popular. The only way for a man to survive in the big dating scene is to be selfish. But even then our sense of Duty and "ROLE" is still forced onto us to be the chumps we really are. We are forced to "lead" a family while not being valued and looked down on for doing such.

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    • As for as being dumped whenever he/she wants to dump you or getting cheated on, very very few people of both genders put up with that. Those that do have self-esteem issues.

    • Quality woman gets quality man. Woman with baggages will eventually end up with a low quality man. Never seen total opposites that have absolutely nothing in common, esp if that person has self-esteem and isn't into ''taming the bad person'' stage.

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  • Still have my ex bf calling me at times, he's still imagining that I'm going to say ''Yes, come back'' and ask him to be my bf again through the phone. Nope, that was already the second time I've broken up. But I have friendzoned him so it can't be that bad.

    There has been too much drama in the relationship that in the end it's not worth struggling for anymore. A relationship couldn't be having too many flaws.

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