How much thought goes into your future offspring when choosing who you date?

Does anybody take into account more than just chemistry between you and another person?

I for one won't date anyone that:
-isn't at least moderately book smart
-comes from a family of health problems
-has no athletic ability

Anybody else do this?


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  • I feel like if you want kids to imagine it on some level with people you're dating is natural and not doing so is almost idiotic. If I just start dating a guy and his family are all morbidly obese, diabetic, balding with heart health issues, cancers and mental illness... Well I want healthy kids. If I have a child with problems I will still live them with all my heart but I'm not going to have kids with someone who doesn't have a reasonably clear back ground


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  • None.

    When I'm dating somebody I'm not thinking about my "future offspring" unless it gets serious and even if it gets serious I may not delve that far because I'm only 24 and my past dating experiences have taught me that nothing is for certain so until I have a ring on my finger and until I'm married for at least a couple of months I'm not thinking about "offspring." Of course you may get thoughts here and there but I don't go that deep into it.

    And I must say that it's going to be a little hard finding a significant other who doesn't have a family of health issues. I mean it's very possible but almost everyone in America has had family members who have had cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure so I mean you're cutting a lot of people out.

    • But if you wait to worry about things like children until after things get serious, you run the risk being in too deep when you realize this isn't what you want.

      And I understand that most all families have their fair share of health issues. However, if you look more closely, you'll notice that some family's ailments are much less severe as a whole.
      I didn't start choosing dates on this criteria until after my 2nd last ex gf.
      My family's primary health issues:
      -adult-onset diabetes. Preventable and treatable if I get it
      -Heart problems later on in life- Usually caused in my family by poor dieting.

      Ex ex-gf's family:
      -Alzheimer's- Not curable
      -High blood pressure

      As you can see, my family's health risks as a whole were much less severe. The only problems in my family coming from an unhealthy lifestyle or old age. Her family's problems were much more severe, could strike without warning, and could completely flip your life upside down in the blink of

    • an eye.

      Thinking about how our future kids would've turned out is what made me start screening my dates this way.

  • Yeah I put thought into it. When I'm considering dating a guy I ask myself, "Is he the kind of guy I'd want my future sons to be?"

  • No because I don't want offspring


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  • I do put thought into it to be honest. For example there was this female i saw for a tiny amount of time who had a few people in a single generation with mental conditions.

  • for dating no!

    but before i decide to get married with someone then i'll be much more careful!

    • So you'll risk not worrying about that stuff until you're in deep with somebody? What if it turns out once you do start worrying about it, you don't want kids with them because of genetic reasons?

    • come to think about it we are all very selective whether consciously/unconsciously when it comes to dating!

      after all we go only for the best we can get!
      so it wouldn't really matter as most of the characteristics i want in a woman will already be there!

      but as you said about hereditary diseases that run in the family i dont really mind!
      so that'll be ok

  • Well my family thinks about that. When I was dating my ex, they didn't understand why I wanted to waste my genes with a 5'2" girl. "don't you want a taller girl?" I never really thought about it.