He invited me over to his place?

I mean the title pretty much says it all. This guy and I had been to the movies and to dinner a couple of times, but never into each others places. We were trying to figure out what to do and he was like well "How about we just hang out at my place, my brother won't be home" Ok so I freaked and said yes, wondering what could happen... But nothing happened, we talked for three hours just talked but no kissing, no hand holding... Just sitting real close and talking that's it... Im not disappointed completely we learned a lot about each other... But he didn't make a move... Is this a bad sign?

  • He's taking it slow done be such a complainer
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  • He should have made a move your friendzoned
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  • It could go either way dont over think it
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  • its funny you sounded nervous and freaked out about going over there because you thought he would make a move maybe even lead to sex and nothing happened and now you are so disappointed...the irony of girls. he probably likes you but is nervous. next time you hang out...say something like, when u r sitting down, are we going to make out or what? he will get the hint either hell kiss you or if he dont you dont have to waste your time and wonder and can move on. p.s. guys like aggressive girls. but he def. should have made the move.

    • I wasn't disappointed... But it just make me unsure of where his head is.. He drove across town to pick me up to take me to his place and he took me home, he bought me dinner, I just felt like there was effort put into it and then it feel flat sexually... I know it might make me sound like a slut but I wanted at least some kissing... but no.. I made no hints but I thought at least in my head I make it obvious but maybe I don't...

    • Really good advice right here!

    • give it one more chance and be like are we going to make it -it is cute and gets to the point and works wonders...trust me

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  • what clinkz said. but you dont even have to "make a move", you could just give hints. did you even give any hints? like move closer to him on the couch or look at his lips while you were talking? etc etc

    • I didn't drop hints...

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    • I know... I just figure at this point he knows how I feel about him, or at least like I've said I feel that I've made it obvious... I guess he could just be clueless...

    • Thanks man. First time anyone's made a comment about my comment. I appreciate it.

  • You know YOU can make a move, right?

    • we haven't defined anything so I didn't want to rush him... but yes I could have

    • My thought was that he's most likely interested. And if you make a move. It might speed things up. Good luck to ya!

    • Thank you!!!

  • what was your expectation when you decided to go there?

    did u give out any signs/ cues?

    • I don't know he knows how I feel at least I thought he did... he's kinda oblivious to things so I don't know now

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