I want to give up on dating, anybody else feel the same?

Man -- I honestly hate being single and sometimes I do think I'll remain single for a long time. I wish guys approached me lol I do most of the work because I honestly WANT a relationship so I try to go out and find guys and it usually fails and the guys I do find they usually leave right away. It just sucks.

I want to date somebody. I want to kiss, cuddle, and do all that fun stuff. :\

Honestly.. Does anybody else feel like they wanna give up on dating due to crappy results or no results at all? Has anybody just felt like throwing in the towel and that they'll be alone for a long time? lol

Am I just pessimistic? XD


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  • We'll I don't date but we're in totally different frames of mind. I don't date because I enjoy being single and I haven't ran across a girl that I find engrossing enough to keep around and to be honest I run from girls like you. The reason why is girls like you tend to think that a relationship will make them happy so they're constantly thinking about maintaining the relationship. They rarely give a shit about the guys they're dating despite acting like it and tend to only care about the guy being there for them. Some even carry this mentality into marriage. Plenty of guys do this too. It's not that they're not wonderful girls it's just so difficult to please a girl who expects a relationship with me to make her happy. I can't make anyone happy but myself. Your mood is your choice and until that makes since it may be best to go solo. I'm certain you're a great girl and I'm sure your attractive but trust me dating is much better when you date someone because you want to know them better and not just to fulfill your relationship wants/needs.

    • Honestly this is a great answer and it's very true and it's wise that you have found this out. I think your comment pretty much hit the dot. I admit I do, do what you said so I should work on being happy by myself but it's honestly hard because I would like a companion :\ but at the same time I'd probably put too much pressure on my significant other to make me happy but I guess thats how life goes :( lol

    • Don't feel bad. I'm pretty certain it's a lesson everyone on this earth eventually learns. I know it took me a lot of confusion and sadness before all of this started to click. Glad I could help

    • Real talk. Just to add, because you want that dating/relationship more than the guy itself, the guy will probably notice. Plenty of guys who aren't desperate will avoid that. You hate being single, you make a lot of the effort, it's not a stretch to think you might be trying too hard too quick- also a big turn off. But this answer here is best answer or whatever GaG is calling it these days.

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  • More and more everyday. It takes a very rare type of girl for me to even be attracted and those girls are either in a relationship or enjoy the single life. Not to mention, these girls have also taken advantage of what I had to offer them and then moved on when I no longer was convenient to them. My experiences with girls, and the experiences I observe and hear about, have left me very cynical towards modern dating. Guys only care about sex and girls only seem to be out to get what they can get for themselves. It's so selfish and materialistic and I no longer want to be a part of it. Someday a girl will spark my interest, but I might be too guarded to really take advantage of it.

    • Ahh that's true lol *sigh* I don't know I think it's possible to meet somebody decent I guess that's why you just have to keep your eyes open

  • Not sure if this is accurate or not but it sounds like you might be coming off too strong initially and that will scare a lot of guys away because they think you might be clingy. Not saying that you are because I don't know you but just from what I read.

  • As a guy I feel the same way... but then I have days where I tell myself why give up? I never gave up in life ever so why quit now?

    All I can say is dating is SUPPOSED to be hard. If it was easy, then we would all have our perfect partners. Also think of it... won't it mean a lot more to you if it is a hard challenge to find the right guy.

    But then when you DO find him how that effort and hardship will pay off. I mean think about the feeling of knowing you worked your ass off searching high and low and it finally pays off at some point.

    So if you feel like giving up, it's fine just let that feeling phase out. And, then at some point you will say okay ROUND 2...3...4.. etc.. Till it eventually works out at some point in time.


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  • Come on. Everybody needs to feel being loved. That is so normal.
    Why are you blaming yourself?
    Imagine you are in soccer team, and you late in a match. Match doesn't go well for you. What are you going to do? Stop and quit the play?
    Show most go on, keep playing. This is so much fun. You will never know the score until you play.

    • Yep I'm not going to give up but just was venting lol. But sometimes it is a struggle but I guess it'll be worth it.

    • It takes time , patience and waiting.It will definitely worth it. Life is all about ups and downs. It is kinda testing your will.

  • Same here. Guys don't seem to stay around for more than a couple dates. :(

  • Ditto. I feel the same.