GUYS! Would you date virgins new to love?

Hello :)

Okay well I'm currently 18 years old, in my final year of high school and being from a private school, I've actually never ever dated anyone (there have been crushes both ways but I've always been single) I'm going to university soon and I was just wondering what guys in uni are like.

80% of my girl friends have dated or are currently dating. I don't feel left out or anything, because I promised myself not to commit until uni but I CAN'T WAIT TO DATE!

Do guys find that stupid? I'm not a total nerd focusing on my studies, e.g. I do party and hang out, workout an hour a day but I've just been pressured to get high grades (being the youngest in my family with 3 brothers in the medical field) so it has taken a toll on my life romantically I guess :(

Anyway would guys 18-25 date a virgin who is new to love? I mean I have guy friends and stuff, and I know the sort of things that guys like, but I've just never been in a relationship before. Am I at a disadvantage? Do guys like experienced girls?



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  • wouldn't mind but girls with experience are rated higher for me anyway. But I wouldn't know if you had experience or a virgin till you told me or I found out.

    So in short I wouldn't know and couldn't judge you on that basis


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  • Wouldn't bother me, I don't rate 'experienced' girls in general...

  • I wouldn't mind


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