Do you think the guy at work likes me?

Started working here month ago, in an office. He works downstairs. It was my boss's party and we had it in the guy's office downstairs.

We was eating pizza and talking to everyonee. He would talk but look over at me a lot and see if I'm laughing at what he says.

Then he said now we introduced to eachother. It won't be awkward on the stairs you can say hi as I will be seeing a lot of you in future. I smiled. My boss had big grin on his face and was stirring it. Saying see what he said he will see a lot of you in future.

I don't think he meant it like that though lol. He offered me cake and was really sweet to me. There's few other girls that work there and a lot of the are really skinny and he saying to them come on you need feeding messing about.

He didn't say anything to me but did check me out lol. I'm not fat, but not skinny slim and slender I'd say.

Then my boss asked if I wanted some wine I said no thanks then the guy said only when your out with your girls. I said yeah he said I see I see.

Then the boss was teasing him saying how he says he has a gf but they've never met her and how she's imaginary. He was laughing , and then the guy said don't get upset shannon he definitely is single.

My boss also said so what do you think of him, I said I don't know him. An he said but you can get to know him. I said don't put me on the spot and then he said ok and laughed.

The guy then said why would she be upset then I just kind of looked blank was bit awkward.

Then dennis left the party to go sort something out. Then a lady came in and said hey he wants to talk to you. He asked me to sign the bday card for my boss. I went back in after few mins. An my boss said that was quick so what happened.

I said did something for your b'day he said oh, wait there and ran out to talk to the guy. Then he came in and said he's missing opportunities isn't he?

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  • He definetely likes you at these point a.a


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  • Doesn't matter. Work and relationships shouldn't mix.


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