Is turning the tables on her a good idea?

been texting this girl for 2-3months.she tells me she really likes me and all that...problem is i always text first or make the talk to her a lot/make her laugh..then i stopped but 3days later she texted me she misses me, i said the same and now its been 4days since we've talked

i dont plan to text her again till she does so, i feel she's been playing hard to get so i chased / made it appear she has me on purpose..but i "turned the tables" i won't text her first so what will probably happen if i leave it on her?


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  • From a girl's pov, if you leave it on her then she probably won't text you. Girls (not all) already feel like they're bothering a guy if they were to text them first. They aren't sure if he's interested. Even if you've been texting her first. She'll still probably feel that way. The most you can do is to bring it up to her. Find out what she thinks about it and express your concern as well

    • I agree completely. Another option is to set up a meeting in person if possible. This could be a way of changing the dynamic.

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