Does this mean she is leading him on?

If a guy clearly likes a girl, tells her, and she repeatedly avoids outright rejecting him while keeping things in limbo, is she probably just trying to lead him on?

Why would a girl do this?


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  • Generally it isn't intentionally leading them on, its just that girls often see that as being the nicer option for you (realistically its just the easier option for them because outright rejection is awkward, the same applies for girls)

    im going to assume this question is about you. In which case; I know its hard but more or less every guy on here has been in that position at least once and you have to just bite the bullet and give up/move on. Time spent chasing her is time wasted. This isn't some Disney movie, you aren't going to win her over and live happily ever after. This is real life and you'll just end up getting frustrated, making a fool of yourself and eventually making everything much worse than it is now.

    • I didn't mean for this to be Anonymous.

      - TheGoodTheBadTheHOT

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    • No you're right on that point, I DEFINITELY gave her the opportunity. I just hated that back then I always thought it was all in my head. That she was giving me mixed signals or that I blew it with her. But then I look at it in hindsight in combination with the things she was doing and I'm like "Wait a second..."

    • EXACTLY the same as me.

      Hindsight is a wonderfully ironic thing.

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