Should I still go for her?

There is this girl that I like and I'm not quite sure what to do. When I first met her something about her stood out to me that I really liked about her. After a while I found out she had a boyfriend and I pretty much quit thinking about her for a while.

Later on, I found out she was single, and started thinking about how I could try and start talking to her. Well, it just so happens that I was talking to my friend and I was trying to convince him to give me some money I thought he owed me (another story for another day). Anyway, I finally told him (somewhat jokingly) that I would consider things even if he hooked me up with this girl that I like, as he happened to be acquainted with her.

After this occurred, I kind of pushed this "deal" to the back of my head. But then, to my mild dismay, he informed me that he had told her that I wanted to go on a date with her. Since I didn't think he was really going to do this, I was somewhat taken aback. And the fact that he was overly blunt about it did not quite sit well with me.

Over the next few days I felt really awkward being near this girl. After awhile though, I started talking to her online and I apologized for my friend's (what I thought to be) immature behavior. She was really cool about it and we continued to converse back and forth a little online. After a while I got the guts to ask her if she wanted to study with me, but she told me she already had plans, something I took as a rejection. Over the next few days I perceived there to be an awkwardness between me and her. I told my friend about this and he told her I just wanted to get to know her and there was no reason to be creeped out by me, and she said she didn't know anything was awkward and that when she turned me down she had an actual prior commitment. After this, she actually started saying hi to me and being pretty friendly. A had a few in person conversations with her, and was able to get her phone number and text her a few times, but then I found out from an indirect source she was seeing someone. I told one of my other friends this and he (much to my dismay) texted her and asked her if she really was. She knew it was me who wanted to know, but she never really answered the question.

Now it is summer and I have talked to her online and texted her a few times as I am not at college which is where I met her. She has seemed to respond pretty positively to me throughout this whole thing, although there have been some mixed signals. My question is do you think there could be some actual interest on her part considering that she has acted nice and responded to me knowing that I am interested in her. Or could it be that she is just trying to be nice and be friends with me, because I know she is a nice girl. I have not heard anything recently suggesting she is still seeing this guy. I can't get this girl out of my head and think about her to the point it drives me crazy. Should I still pursue her and and how should I go about doing it?


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  • she sounds like there could be some interest there. but she could possibly be seeing someone else. that's why she hasn't devoted more of her time to you, you could just ask her out on a date.

    do you really want to spend your life wondering "what if" and if she is seeing someone else what if they get there first! grow a pair and put yourself out there! if all else fails maybe she will have some cute friends?


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  • Alrite Bro, I read the whole essay you wrote, and if you like the girl, honestly just go for it. What's the worse that could happen, she says no? There's plenty of girls out there, not all of them are going to say no to you. You have to get the balls to go up to her in person not on aim or on the phone, and look her in the eye and ask her, hey what are you doing later on in the week, you wanan go out for pizza or hit up a movie, make the time and date, don't let her pick, let her know your taking charge and your interested and you the man in the conversation. If she says no bluntly, just blow it off and find another girl. From what I read, she don't seem to interested hence she had a boyfriend you said then she didnt, then she did, so that's pretty weird. NEXT, never let any friend hook you up or ask for you about a girl, this isn't 8th grade..your older now, take charge your self, girls love that. Finally, You'll be fine, grab your friends confidence and charisma and woe/woo her over

    • Pretty good answer. Gonna be hard to talk to her in person as I won't see her until the school year though.

    • Alright then...So do you know her name at least or does any of your friends who actually hang with her know her..Set it up on date..go to the mall or maybe out for lunch with a group of kids and then move in on her then...if you know her name..def Facebook her..and leave a msg with that friend request..tell her how you feel but bluntly like.. "heyy I always see you in the hall in school and I can't help to always smile when you glance back at me" come on you can think of sumthin cute

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