How to give unspoken hints to him?

i really like this guy and i have for awhile. i think he may have feelings to me too.
but like i really wanna kiss him haha how can i hint to him that i wanna do that without saying anything? im not good with these kinds of situations!
any tips? guys especially?


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  • Well, in order to want to kiss a guy, a guy has to be comfortable and turned on in a way that he will allow you to do it. One thing you have to do is that you have to be physically hot. If you're not, it will be harder for you to pull off a kiss. So if you're physically hot, dress really hot. I would suggest a tight flannel with tight pants or shorts shorts (depending on the weather). You can put on a t-shirt under your flannel or not, its up to you. Then start finding him and once you see him, smile, you can say hi if you want, and start a conversation in a way that would lead you to flirtation, then, you start flirting with him with little touches and teases, then play with him a little bit, so this could increase your chances of getting a kiss, the playful action should hopefully lead to a kiss, if not, keep playing with him until eventually it would lead you to kissing him. Now, if you're not physically attractive, the process is much longer. Your goal is to turn him on in a non-sexual way and more emotionally. You can dress like I've told you to, or you can dress nice in a way that is not provocative, but I suggest you dress in a nice proper fashion. Now when you meet him, just smile, and you can say hi, but talk to him in a way to get to know him better, start out as friends (this process can last for days). And once you get to know him better as days goes by, you can start flirting with him little by little so he can be gradually drawn upon your flirtation so he can flirt back with you. The goal is you want to get closer and closer as friends until you both like each other more than just a friend. Then, when you both get to being more than just friends, there is that time of where you will pull can pull the perfect kiss. Though it has to be at the right time at the right moment. This process for non-attractive girls can be done as well if you're physically attractive.

    • well we've been friends for about 8 months now and we always hug eachother and talk a lot but im scared to do anything because i dont wanna ruin our friendship or put us in an awkward place, ya know?

    • Then you must still follow the steps that I told you and trust me, it should work.

    • alright.. ill see him Friday so maybe ill get the courage!

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  • Go up to him randomly and ask if you can have a hug. He will obviously give you one and then right when you hug, just go for the kiss. Instant win.

    • we hug all the time anyway haha

    • Wow haha Just go for the kiss then, if you hug all the time I'm pretty sure he wants to kiss you too.

    • haha well ill see on Friday !

  • There's only one way to do it, girl.

    • and that would be?

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    • The trick is to be confident. If you seem hesitant or unsure then it may end badly and you may as well not even try.

      Just be cool, and remember that the worst and best thing that could happen is finding out the truth.

    • thats true.. thanks!

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