What are good message examples you've received on Okcupid?

Asking the girls that have used Okcupid for some insight. What qualities does a good message have? What entices you to respond? Also what makes you ignore a message? What makes you more likely to respond? The message itself or the guys profile?


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  • I wasn't on okcupid, but a similar site. I responded to guys that read my whole profile and fit what I said I was looking for. For example if you want kids and message someone who doesn't you probably won't get a response. Messages that were spelled correctly and had good grammar were a plus. The best was when someone read my interest, responded with both something about themselves , and showed some kind of interest or questions about me or what I like. Don't just say hi, talk about yourself, ask sexual questions, or write in a foreign language (the last one really did happen). Also pay attention to what kind of relationship they are looking for. If you want to find someone to have a relationship with, make sure your profile says so, and don't waste time one someone who doesn't want any commitment. I hope that helps a little.

  • Well whatever you do...DO NOT message a girl "Hey beautiful"...

    When I was on a dating site, one thing I noticed was that most guys don't read profiles and will the complete opposite from what I was looking for...then got pissed when I didn't give them a chance.

    Read profiles, and message a girl with something more thought out then "Hey Beautiful" and reference something in her profile.

    You have to get creative because girls get so many messages on dating sites and most of them are not worth reading...you have to stand out.


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