He's moving away soon and we've failed to talk about what's going to happen to us, what's going through his mind?

We've been seeing each other for a few months now and we have not yet defined our relationship. Although we haven't talked about it, it is clear that we like each other and are dating exclusively. We basically act as a couple. I personally have not felt the need to define it since I am comfortable within the relationship and the idea of a title is not a huge deal to me, our friends and family already know we're seeing one another. He also has made no mention of it. The reason why I'm asking is because he is graduating in 3 weeks and plans to move to a new state ~4-6 hours away whereas I still have a year left. We've talked about our own separate future plans but never talked about what'll happen to us as a couple. I'd like to know where he sees this going but I'm not quite sure how to approach the subject. Likewise, I'm also wondering how he feels about this topic. If you were in this situation how would you go about this?


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  • I would actually talk to him, all of your concerns should be directed at him. It sounds to me like he really has committed to you. If there was no verbal acknowledgement from him that you were dating; then he might just view it as a friends with benefits or just hanging type of situation. We, as girls tend to view thing differently than male do about most things and especially when it comes to relationships.


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  • You guys are going to split up over this. He doesn't want to define anything because he sees him moving away as the end of your relationship.


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