Is he just using me or he really likes me?

We're quite very different. I'm the good, innocent girl, don't do any drugs, drink and go out occasionally. He's the bad boy type. we went out for 3 dates already and will see each other again tomorrow. The first 2 times we saw each other he brought coke and I tried for the first time. I mean who would bring cocaine and ask if their date wanna try? anyway he said he really liked me and im his dream girl and im very different to all other girls he's been with. do you think he really likes me or just using me because we haven't slept with each other yet? thanks


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  • @CleoNicole Red flags, Red flags, Red flags everywhere! The fact he brought cocaine on your first date is ridiculous. I could slap you right now, you're lucky he didn't lace it with a date rape drug. Moving on, he probably said your different to from all other girls he's been with because good girls like you don't give him the time of day! I wouldn't be as concerned with the fact of does he really like you or is he using you for sex. I can promise you he most definitely is. You think a guy that really wants to get to know you and have a serious relationship with you would bring coke on your first dates? No, there's your answer. I don't want to come of disrespectful towards you @CleoNicole because I really hope for the best for you.




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  • wow do you literally have such little respect for yourself that you would go an snort coke to please your date? weither he is using you or not , if you stay with him you are likely become a coke addicted strung out woman that looks many years older than she really is. is that what you want?

    • obviously no.. I only did it twice with him and he never forced me or anything will never do it again anyway

    • only did it twice. dont you understand if you stay with him , you will just do it again to please him? honey you can really do better than him

  • Wow, you did coke and you consider yourself a "good girl"?

    He probably does like you, you're an innocent sweet type, which is a turn on, but he has no problem getting you to do bad things for the first time.

    But come on, don't be a coke head. Don't date a coke head. Have some self respect.

    • it amazes me how "goodgirls" always fall for the bad boys

    • Not me

    • well he said it was to help with the nerves since we were both quite nervous on the date, not planning to do it again anyway

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  • He it sounds like he could really like you. But some good advice would be not to be so easy, if you vow to be a "sweet innocent girl" than be that. If he liked that about you to begin with, why change yourself? Stay genuine to who you are because there's always a possibility that he's in it for just sex, and in the end you'll be thankful you did that.

    • thanks and yeh won't change myself just wondering if he really likes me that's all