If he is talking in the future tense of us hanging out does that mean he is interested or is this just how guys talk?

I have been talking with this guy since February , Adam. It has progressed from just talking every few days to daily and also going out on dates/hanging out. We also have an occasional phone call thrown in there.

For example, we were talking on the phone last night and we were talking about how we haven't seen each other much lately because he has been hunting. He goes well i'll be as free as a bird this summer to hang out whenever you want besides when I leave for training for a few weeks.

In another conversation, I took hunters safety course so I am able to walk with him while he hunts and he told me that he may not take me this season but next year he will set aside time to take me.

Overall, he seems happy to talk to me. We aren't "official" yet but I'm just trying to figure out what he is thinking.

As a guy do you talk to all girls about future plans like that? I don't even think he realizes that he is saying it but he just seems to be so happy that it just rolls out of his mouth.

Does this mean he sees something long term?


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  • It means nothing. People talk in daydreams all the time.


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