How does he not realize how much this sounded like a blowoff? Is he messing with me, or are guys that bad at communication?

Quick background: The semester ends in 2 weeks and we both live far from school, so time to hangout is limited.
Text convo:
Him: You should come over tonight and edit my papers. (aka hookup)
Me: I can't, I have a huge paper due tomorrow morning! :( And didn't you pull an all-nighter last night? How are you awake right now?
Him: More work to do.
Me: Noo! :( You deserve an awesome cuddle sesh.
Him: I do.
Me: We can have one next time I see you!
Him: I guess
Me: Your enthusiasm is overwhelming
Him: I know
Me: :(
Him: Just busy
Me: That's fine, but if you're too busy to hangout again, I'll need you to please mail me the $20 you owe me.
Him: Huh? Haha I want to chill again just don't have time tonight
Me: Oh, it sounded like you were saying that you don't have time to hangout with me anymore
Him:No not at all, just don't have time tonight. Chill haha.
I didn't answer, and he double texted me today asking how my papers were going. I thought he was blowing me off, but then he backpedaled?


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  • It sounds as though he may have been just overly tired, for he had "pulled an all-niter last nite," and most likely wasn't in the "teasing pleasing" mood, Nor over enthusiastic. He had "more work" to do, was plum exhausted, "nothing sounded good," and was simply preoccupied. I also sensed that when you had gotten a bit miffed, mentioning the "mail money" deal, he sort of "woke up," and interjected, as to save the day, to hmmm...give you a little less "pay you no mind."
    Yes, perhaps "blowing you off," just for That nite. And again, he "backpedaled," And backstroked his way over to you when he sensed you were giving him Your----OAR Else...You hit a sensitive nerve with the money, honey, and aside from that, he also didn't want to fight with you.
    I also think that if he didn't want to hang out again, he wouldn't have bothered at all to even talk to you, being he was so bushed.xx

    • Thanks Paris13!! I think you're definitely right that he was really tired and the money thing (which I admit was b*tchy) caught his attention. I felt fine that I said it when I thought he was breaking it off and being a jerk, but now that he texted me today to check in I feel really about it. Because what he was saying sounded really disrespectful, but it's so hard to tell whether he meant it. I don't know. Do you think he was being disrespectful?

    • I don't think he meant to be "disrespectful," for if you know some guys, they don't think they do anything However, yes, I think his tone was a bit "uncalled" for, but being he was tired and cranky, let it slide. But in the future, if he does it again, tell him you will speak to him when he is not so much this bear, but more like a pussy cat.xx

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