Should I message him?

I know you'll all be sick of my posts just wanted to ask what you think I should do now...ok well I've been dating this guy for a few weeks and I stayed at his late last week and asked if he wanted to meet up when he got back from his hold which he said yes too but he'll be busy because he's moving house and starts a big work project but we said we'd text each other. Anyway he texted me Friday morning asking if I had a good night because we bumped into each other when I was going to a work event, I texted him on Saturday asking him a question about some shop I was at.

Anyway I was away this weekend (he knows I was) and he goes away tomorrow for a week, should I keep communication up with him by texting? I was hoping he would text and ask about my trip but he hasn't and I don't want to appear too

keen... Thanks


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  • Well...if you two are dating he probably should contact you first sometimes. Everyone likes texting these days...try an old fashioned actual conversion over the phone. Maybe he just doesn't like texting?


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  • you have been dating for ... a few weeks.


    texting is for 13 year olds.

  • Text him. Who cares. He won't.

    Worst that could happen is that he replies.


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