Kissed a guy for the first time, and then the second, and then the third...?

So two nights ago I kissed a guy for the first time. I guess I knew it was coming at some point, and as our long hug goodbye at my car turned into neck kisses and hands wandering down my back, I should have known. But as I dropped him off (he walked me to my car and then had to go back) I figured we'd just do another slow kiss on the cheek and say goodbye. But no, he pulled me towards him and hugged me and then out of the blue (seemingly) his lips were on mine. I was surprised, and all I could think to do was to soften my lips, which I guess he took as an invitation to stick his tongue in my mouth. Cool dude. After about 7 seconds he pulled away and said goodbye.

Then last night, he walked me to my car again and got in my car, even though he was walking back. He actually sat in the backseat while I got in the drivers seat, but he leaned forward and grabbed my chin, and after about 30-45 seconds of silence and hugging, he went in again. His tongue filled my mouth quickly, and after a few seconds he pulled back. This happened two more times, the last time me having to pull back hard.

I guess I don't know why I'm writing this...but is it normal to use tongue the first kiss? I'm pretty sure I wasn't his first ever kiss, but he was mine (he probably doesn't know that). What if I want to kiss with no tongue, just like a normal kiss - I don't really wanna be like "Dude chill the tongue" but I kinda want to have a normal, sweet kiss instead of a hungry, him-dominating kiss.

What are your suggestions?
Just for your information, we've been dating for about 3-4 weeks.


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  • I think maybe you cna tell him to chill with the deep french kissing. You can tell him that you like soft and delicate kisses. I think if you don't say anything then he will continue trying to devour your mouth.I think with first kisses it can be a combination of both.If I was dating a girl for a couple of weeks I would do lip to lip kissing if she wanted to kiss me.I would try to find a romantic moment to do it and try to make it special.If a girl told me she never kissed a guy and if I was her first kiss I would make it a very special moment for her.I get the impression that maybe he isn't tonguing you right.Some guys no how to kiss good and others will just roll their tongues all in your mouths.


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