How to get him to kiss you without tongue?

Our first kiss (my first kiss ever too) he used tongue. We've kissed once since them and the tongue was automatic - there was no just lip kissing at all.

I kinda want to kiss without tongue, especially since I never have before and I feel like I jumped right from NBK to straight making out do I do that? Just not part my lips?


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  • Start with pecks, with obvious breaks in between. Then make them more lingering. That should give him the hint. If it doesn't and he goes for tongue again, pull back, smile and say, "Let's take this slowly" or something.


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  • Don't know, I'm in the opposite dilemma... Trying to get him to kiss me with tongue. It's hard to get people to change their ways, but you should try talking to him. Probably the only thing that will help.

    • Haha quite opposite, but still very tough. Good luck! I guess I do need to talk to him, but it's tricky cause I don't want him to take it as an insult!

    • Yes it's always a risk to talk to someone but just try to make him understand that you want a little variation. Because he can't change unless he knows you want him to.