Did my female friend cheat on her bf?

She told me about something that happened at her latest sleep-over party but neither her nor I am sure if this was cheating. Not sure if you men would consider this cheating?

Jodie was with several friend, acquaintance and her guy friend named Luis. Anyways at some point during the party, she tells me that she went to the balcony with Luis and danced some music. Then according to her, she sat on his lap, he touched her bottom and put one hand on her breast. She also proceeded to touch his chest and talked some but that was it. Then they did some dirty dance. Note: they did not kiss nor did anything and she was on her period.

Jodie is right now in a long-distance relationship and her bf will be visiting her next month but Luis isn't going to tell what happened. None base Luis, her and me know this. Did she cheat?

If a gf did this to you, would that be cheating to you guys? She clearly was kind of drunk but so was Luis.
I kissing, making-out, having sex, oral is cheating but what happened doesn't fit any of those categories.


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  • It's cheating. Touching another person in a sexual way is equal to kissing.

    • Thanks. She does feels guilty but doesn't want to tell him.

    • That's a moral ambiguity. Tell him and be an honest, decent person and risk your relationship or hide it and be a dishonest person but keep the relationship. Tricky situation.

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