Ex wanted to meet for a coffee. Shall I?

My ex broke up with me and we went non contact for about 6 weeks. We both concentrated on our lives and for me I am now in a happy place and nearly ready to date again.

She is a beautiful girl but had this temper and jealous rage. She kept prodding me for my reaction (to argue with her) but I was too relxed and she decided that she wanted someone who can be angry, argue and make up. A lot of nasty things were said - one minute she loved me and I couldn't do anything better and next minute she never loved me and I was awful in bed.

Her friends bumped into me in Starbucks and commented on how I changed physically (football training and salsa dancing) and looked really good now (I used to be quite chubby).

Next she appeared from no where and started making flirty comments on my FB. Common friends think she still got feelings for me. I am not sure if she go a new man or not.

Her messages threw me back a bit as I am not over her yet. I am also scared of being played again.

What would be the sensible thing?


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  • well, if u think that she is serious about u now then u hve to go wid her..if u really like her then u should not miss dis opportunity...I think she wants u back...ask her if she had a bf or not...good luck...:)


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  • Coming from a womans point of view... I don't think you should do it, sounds like she only wants you for her own selfish reasons. If you're happy now, don't back track to try it again, if it didn't work the first time, it probably won't work now.


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  • No dude drop it.
    Of course she's not serious, she just might want to fuck. You've already established you're not a good match so move on.