Why aren't we dating? Were in love?

So I've know a guy for a while (Wyatt) and he's told me he loves me and he's really sweet and talks about marriage and kids and he wants too spend the rest of his life with me. Well.. He won't ask me out. He is talking like he wants me but I think I should move on honestly. Should I ask him or forget about him. I do truly love him but I don't want too be hurt.

And I'm not as young as I look ! I'm actually 16 believe it or not. Thanks in advance !


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  • Wait what. What are you even talking about.

    | You want long life commitment at 16? You know you could be a hitgirl for the mob by the time you're 24, people CHANGE, dramatically, especially in our younger years.

    And he hasn't even asked you out yet? I don't get how you could be in serious love. Sounds more like a crush?

    You're 16 right? So you could just whatever you feel, ask him out. He says no you'll sulk for like two weeks and randomly stumble on someone else. God I miss those times.|

    • He is 18 . So there is an age difference. Im almost positive that were in love haha. We've been "together" for almost a year now.. We haven't made it official. I'm just wondering if he thinks we are.

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    • Yeah sorry if I sounded grumpy. You should try and ask him about all of this though. I guess that was my original point.

    • Okay will do (: and you're just fine haha. Thank you for you're answer it really actually opened my eyes up a bit. I'll ask and work things out with him.

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  • Look just ask him. He may even be under the impression that you already are dating each other so if you ask him to be yours he won't say no. Love is difficult time to make it less stressful by just asking and getting rid of the stress of questioning whether he will ask you or if he thinks you are his or what ever it may be.

  • have you asked him if he'd want to date? maybe he's afraid to ask you out.

    or you could be like, "so...when are you going to ask me out?" in a bit of a flirtatious manner

    • I actually have lol. And I keep hinting at him but I guess he's just not getting it.

    • I think if you've asked him out and he didn't say yes. then there is clearly something standing in the way. perhaps you could playfully ask him, 'hey why aren't we dating?'. but it seems to me that either he doesn't want a relationship, wants to keep things casual, or maybe doesn't love you "like that"... what did he say when you asked him out?

    • He said we will soon. I'm pretty sure he's talking to other girls so. Maybe that's what.

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  • take ur chances cz u only live once. if u really love him then he is worth the risk. and probably he hasn't asked u out yet cause he thinks that u both are already in a relationship. and thats why he talks about the future with you and is so sweet with you. hope it helps.

  • You can ask him out (: or just tell him whats on your mind, if you're in love, you might as well. Dont give up on love! Highschool love is so consuming for some reason.

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